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Course Guides

Course guides are created to help students with assignments in a specific course, and contain tips and strategies for research.

Course Number Sort descending Course Title Subject
AF101B Lives of Peace and Conflict History
AF101C Religion and Celebrity Religion and Culture
AF105 Skills for University Success Interdisciplinary
AN343 Culture and society in Latin America Anthropology
AN450 Current Topics in Anthropology Anthropology
BF299-BR Academic Literacy: Humanities Interdisciplinary
BI110 Unifying Life Processes Biology
BI601 Research in Integrative Biology Biology
BU ICE Week Research Guide Business
BU Lazaridis Institute: Research Data Portal Business
BU MBA Company Project Business
BU111 Introduction to Company Research Business
BU111 Introduction to Industry and Market Research Business
BU111 PEST Analysis Business
BU111 Competitive Analysis Business
BU111 Introduction to Library Research Business
BU111 Company and Industry Insight Project Course Guide Business
BU111 Consumer Demographics (G.E.L. Factors) Business
BU121 Critical Thinking Report Assignment Guide Business
BU121 Functional Areas of the Organization: BDO New Venture Competition Assignment Guide Business
BU352 Marketing Plan Assignment Business
BU398 Organizational Behaviour II Business
BU470 Brand Management - Brand Audit Assignment Business
BU472 Marketing Communications - Accessing journal articles Business
BU479 High-Tech Marketing Business
BU527 Management Control Fiasco Assignment Business
BU605 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Business
BU606 MBA Country Project Business
BU610 Applied Business Research Business
BU641 M&A Pitch Book Project Business
BU845 Facilities and Transportation Business
CC412, SY314 Creating Infographics Sociology
CC426 Qualitative Methodologies in Criminology Criminology
CH110/CH111/CH130/CH131 (Lab) Fundamentals of Chemistry & General Chemistry Labs Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH233 Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH390 Chemical Literature and Scientific Communication Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH490 Honours Thesis Research Chemistry & Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry
Copps Copps Scholars Interdisciplinary
CS100B Media History Communication Studies
CS101B Canadian Communication in Context Communication Studies
CS235B Communication Research Methods Communication Studies
CS322B Gender, Communication & Culture Communication Studies
CS601 Communication Studies Research Methods Communication Studies
DMJN208 Data in the Media Digital Media and Journalism
DMJN420-BR Advanced Research Seminar Digital Media and Journalism
EC481 Research Paper and Seminar Economics
EC665/EC315/EC455 Empirical Research Paper Economics
EN190 Intro to Academic Writing English
EN190D Intro to Academic Writing English
EN190E Intro to Academic Writing English