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Website acknowledgements

Poem and sound about image follows

Recognizing and expressing our gratitude to the groups and people who have helped the Laurier Library with this website

"Sturdy stems and grass blades stand, 

While small flowers sweep the land.

 A goose, curved neck, in symphony, 

This website too, learns harmony."


Captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing:

While a wind whispers through blades of grass and flowers, birds chirp-chirp from above. 

A goose hisses 

Websites require connections and contributions between people in a variety of places. We wish to express our gratitude to the people near and far who have helped us with this website.

Content and features

Show Preferences feature

This feature allows users with disabilities to personalize the library's interfaces and content to meet their individual needs. We are grateful to the Fluid Community for developing the Show Preferences feature (User Interface Options). UIO is a project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University, funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the William + Flora Hewlett Foundation.

"What goes on in the Waterloo campus library?" description pages

This page provides images and description of accessing the Waterloo campus library. The page was co-designed with a student Library Web Accessibility Advisor and with feedback from Karen Watts (Vision Loss Rehab Canada).

Descriptive menu

The Descriptive menu is a feature of the main menu where menu items include a short description of their destination page. This improves the user experience of the menu for blind screen reader users. It was co-designed with a student Library Web Accessibility Advisor.  

Open menu

The Open Menu is a feature that presents all menu items and their brief description on a single, well-structured page. It was co-designed with a student Library Web Accessibility Advisor. It was designed to support easy navigation of the menu for blind members of the community who rely on screen readers. .

Get alternate format form

This form supports users with print-disabilities to request reading materials be remediated. The form was built in collaboration with McMaster University Library

Service disruptions

Our gratitude to McMaster University Library for support in conceptualizing our service disruptions pages.

Room booking 

Our thanks to the students who participated in providing feedback on the early designs of the room booking service.

Images and video

People and groups

Drupal community

We acknowledge the Drupal Community, it's accessibility community, and module developers.

Drupal Accessibility Birds of a Feather

Thank you to the Drupal Accessibility Birds of a Feather for peer-support

Students, faculty, staff, and community users

Thank you to everyone who have provided feedback and suggestions at various stages of its development, such as the organization of the menu and type of description to include with rooms.

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