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Study Areas

Three images of sitting areas. A row of comfy chairs, a large table with chairs along it, and study carrells for more private study. Ask for description.

Overview of study spaces at Waterloo, Brantford and Kitchener. Spaces range from individual studying areas, group study spaces, and more. Some rooms can be reserved.

For a listing of all campus study spaces beyond the library that are open to students, see Campus Study Spaces


Waterloo Campus Library Study Areas

A group of about 15 study carrels with workstations in them. There are partitions between the desks for privacy.

The Waterloo campus library has lots of study areas

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Open spaces

Details and descriptions: Study spaces in Waterloo Campus Library 
Open Study Spaces
Study Desks/Tables and Lounge Furniture (Main and Upper Floors)
  • Individual study spaces (lounge furniture, desks and tables) are available in Waterloo on the main floor and all upper floors (3 through 7) on a first come, first served basis.
  • Individual study carrels (small enclosed desk intended for quiet study) are available in Waterloo on all upper floors 3 through 7.
  • Graduate study carrels are also available
Computer Desks
  • Desks with computers and ICT supplied software are available on the main floor as well as floors 3 and 4. For description of available software, please see ICT Computer Labs.
Quiet Study
  • The Library has silent study rules for floor 7. Use of this floor is limited to individual, quiet study at all times
Graduate Commons
  • The Graduate Commons and lounge area is located on the floor 3 of Waterloo campus library
  • The space includes two group study rooms, individual study spaces, tables and lounge furniture
  • All graduate and postdoctoral students can access the Commons during building opening hours (see Waterloo Library hours) through OneCard swipe access
Reservable Spaces
Group Study Rooms
Individual Study Rooms (for ALC Registered Students)
Individual Study Rooms (All Students)
Reserve an Individual Study Pods (All Students)


Kitchener Faculty of Social Work Library Study Areas

Photo of the part of the library. Middle of the room has tables with chairs around them. Along a wall is 3 book shelfs sticking inwards towards the middle of the room. For more description contact Meredith Fischer, m e f i s c h e r @ w l u dot c a


  • Kitchener Social Work library is open Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm and by OneCard access during other times

Open study spaces:

  • Desks, carrels and tables are available on a first come, first served basis
  • There are two study rooms that can be used by one or more users and can be reserved directly by users for up to three hours per day

Reserve a group study room:

Brantford's Digital Library and Learning Commons

Photo of part of large space. Carpeted floors. A row of chairs along a very long table in the middle of the room. Comfy chairs also in the middle and a table. I'm sure a dog could rest well here. An unlabeled door of a librarian's office. Contact Irene Tencinger for more description, i t e n c i n g e r @ w l u dot c a


Study spaces are open at the Brantford Campus' Digital Library and Learning Commons.

Brantford Campus students can reserve a group study room in the Digital Library and Learning Commons or at Brantford Public Library (an up-to-date BPL card is required to book a room. Cards are available through at no cost for Brantford students)

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