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Robert Langen Art Gallery

Image of entrance to gallery at the Waterloo Campus Library

As a public university based art gallery, RLAG offers diverse annual exhibition programs, activities and events which fosters creative thinking, critical debate and the exploration of ideas. Gallery programs provide an important resource tool for arts education, research, stewardship and creative community dialogue. By encouraging campus engagement and public access to these resources it is hoped that greater interdisciplinary partnerships and opportunities for the exchange of ideas on arts and culture will occur. 

The Robert Langen Art Gallery hosts regular exhibitions in the gallery in the Waterloo campus library. The current exhibition is Thinking Like The Rain: Z’otz* Collective Exhibition

Links to previous exhibitions hosted by the Robert Langen Art Gallery

Chain Reaction represents an online series of collaborations between the gallery and faculty members to integrate a contemporary arts component into areas of course study.

LIFT is an outreach program highlighting the creative talents of artists from the Waterloo  Region. Each academic year a new series of artists and artistic discipline is featured on floors 4 to 6 of the Laurier Library Waterloo campus.