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Library History

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A timeline of Laurier Library's history.


The Canada Synod and the Synod of Central Canada of the Lutheran Church entered into an agreement to establish a Lutheran Seminary. The location first proposed for the Seminary was Toronto. Waterloo was selected when its citizens offered a tract of land on the boundary of the town. The choice of location was affected by the fact that the majority of Lutherans in Ontario lived in the vicinity of Waterloo and Berlin.


Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada opened with four students. Classes and residences were located in a large house.


Waterloo College School offered high school level courses. Willison Hall was erected, containing student accommodations, dining hall, classrooms, library and other facilities.


Waterloo College of Arts was established, providing a four-year post-secondary education. Willison Hall addition was completed, doubling the size of the building. The entire structure contained classrooms, laboratories, a gymnasium, library, chapel, dormitories, and a dining room.


The Faculty of Arts, under the name of Waterloo College, affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. Waterloo College soon began to offer honours degree programs in the arts.


The first female students were admitted to Waterloo College. Waterloo College School closed due to the emphasis on higher education.


Arts Building opened. Extensive renovations to Willison Hall. Classrooms on the second floor were renovated for library purposes.


Associate Faculties established, to give courses in engineering and science, while affiliated with Waterloo College


Associated Faculties was granted a University charter, establishing the University of Waterloo.


The affiliation with University of Western Ontario ended when the Seminary obtained a revised charter changing the name of the institution of Waterloo Lutheran University and giving the institution university powers and degree granting rights.


First two floors of new Library constructed. The original building consisted of (what we know now) as the 2nd and 3rd floors. What was to become the 1st floor was originally an open area under the building, and was used as a parking lot.


Willison Hall demolished.


Fourth and fifth floors added to Library.


Waterloo Lutheran University became Wilfrid Laurier University, a provincially-assisted university.


Sixth and seventh floors added to Library.


Library service provided to the new Brantford campus in partnership with the Brantford Public Library.


Library renovations completed.


Phase 1 of the Library Information Commons completed.


Minister of Canadian Heritage designated the Archives & Special Collections as a Category "A" institution - a repository for objects and collections that are of outstanding significance and national importance.


Official opening of the Information Commons, the Digital Studio, and the Agnes and Jerry Hall Geospatial and Data Centre.

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