Course Guides

Course guides organized by course number, course title, and subject
Course # Title Subject
AF101C Religion and Celebrity Religion and Culture
AN200 Theories of Culture Anthropology
AN450 Current Topics in Anthropology Anthropology
AR102 Archaeology: Methods, Theory and Practice Archaeology
BF290-BR Academic Literacy: Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
BF299-BR Academic Literacy: Humanities Interdisciplinary
BI296 Communication and Critical Thinking in Biology Biology
BI358 Animal: Form and Function Biology
BI409 Conservation Biology
BI601 Research in Integrative Biology Biology
BU ICE Week 2019 Business
BU111 Introduction to Library Research Business
BU111 Introduction to Industry and Market Research Business
BU111 New Venture - Consumer Demographics (G.E.L. Factors) Business
BU111 Introduction to Company Research Business
BU111 New Venture - Competitive Analysis Business
BU111 New Venture - PEST Analysis Business
BU111 New Venture - Market Potential Business
BU111/121 New Venture Integrated Guide Business
BU352 Marketing Plan Assignment Business
BU398 Organizational Behaviour II Business
BU472 Marketing Communications - Accessing journal articles Business
BU527 Management Control Fiasco Assignment Business
BU604 Organizational Behaviour - Finding journal articles Business
BU605 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Business
BU606 MBA Country Project Business
BU610 Applied Business Research Business
BU641 M&A Pitch Book Project Business
BU845 Facilities and Transportation Business
CC426 Qualitative Methodologies in Criminology Criminology
CH233 Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH354 Biochemistry II: Structure & Interaction of Proteins & Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH390 Chemical Literature and Scientific Communication Chemistry and Biochemistry
CH490 Honours Thesis Research Chemistry & Biochemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry
CS100A Introduction to Media History Communication Studies
CS101A Canadian Communication in Context
CS235A Communication Research Methods Communication Studies
CS322B Gender, Communication & Culture Communication Studies
CS340LA Mobilities Communication Studies
CS400E Communication & Transportation Communication Studies
CS400P Feminist Print & Periodical History Communication Studies
CS405 Work and Worker Organizations in Creative Industries Communication Studies
CT203, HS203 Disease and Society
DH100 Digital Creativity History
DH200 Digital Narratives History
DMJN208 Data in the Media
EC381 Finding Journal Articles for Economic Research Methodology Economics
EC381 Data and Microdata for Economic Research Methodology Data and Statistics
EC481 Research Paper and Seminar Economics
EC665/EC315/EC455 Empirical Research Paper Economics
EN Student research guide for English English
EN190G Intro. to Academic Writing English
EN234 Shakespeare's Tragedies and Histories English
EN612 Feminism & Print Culture in Britain English
EU (Teacher Education) What TEC's need to know about the Library Education
EU (Teacher Education) Royalty Free Resources for Teachers Education
FS Student Research Guide for Film Studies Film Studies
FS240 Film History to 1950 Film Studies
FS264 American Cinema, 1929-69 Film Studies
GC101 Christianity and Global Citizenship Theological education
GC203A Doing Justice and Christian Social Ethics Today Theological education
GC204A Survey of the Christian Tradition: History/Theology Theological education
GC221/TH648V Canadian Questions Theological education
GC352 Inshallah: Worship and Global Song Theological education
GC401 Senior Project and Integration Seminar Theological education
GESC291 Development and the Environment Geography and Environmental Studies
GESC360 Research Methods and Thesis Preparation Geography and Environmental Studies
GESC493 Land Resources Management Geography and Environmental Studies
GESC494 Northern Resources and Environments Geography and Environmental Studies
GG/ES362 Global Food Systems Geography and Environmental Studies
GG270 Cultural Geographies Geography and Environmental Studies
GG465 Capstone Urban Sustainability Project Geography and Environmental Studies
GG691 Graduate Seminar in Geography Geography and Environmental Studies
GS102 Mapping Global Studies Global Studies
GS202 Methods in Global Studies Global Studies
HE201 Research Methods for Health Sciences Health Sciences
HE301 Social Determinants of Health Health Sciences
HE450 Directed Studies in Health Sciences Health Sciences
HE490 Directed Research in Health Sciences Health Sciences
HI124-BR History Detectives History
HI271 Survey of European Women’s/Gender History History
HI330 Slavery in the United States, 1619-1877 History
HI341 Canadian Military History History
HI445 Reading Seminar on the Era of the US Civil War History
HP201 Revolution in Western Science, from Aristotle to the Enlightenment Interdisciplinary
HS200-BR Social Determinants of Health Health Studies
HS203-BR Disease and Society Health Studies
ID/CT120-BR Introduction to Indigenous Studies Indigenous Studies
IP614 & IP634 MIPP IDS Joint Case: Colombia Interdisciplinary
JN308-BR Issue-Based Research Digital Media and Journalism
JN360 Statistics Canada Resources for Journalism Students Data and Statistics
KP490 Kinesiology Thesis Kinesiology
KP622 Advanced Research Design Kinesiology
KS203 Popular culture and ideology
KS205 Cartoons and Comics Cultural Studies
LEAF 3 - BR LEAF - Global Engagement
LEAF 4 - BR LEAF - Critical Thinking
LEAF 4 - BR LEAF - Writing
LL200 Cultural Perspectives I Languages and Literatures
LL201 Cultural Perspectives II Languages and Literatures
MA222 Linear Algebra Mathematics
MB105 Entrepreneur's Challenge Business Plan - Research strategies and resources Business Technology Management
MI201 Mediterranean Culture I Languages and Literatures
ML101 Harry Potter and Medieval Culture Medieval Studies
MU100 Music and its Contexts Music
MU270 Music History I: Middles Ages to 1775 Music
MU375 Modern Music 1890-1975 Music
MU474 Music, Culture and Technology Music
MU606 Qualitative Research Methods Music Therapy
MU620 Music & Meaning in Community Music: Community Music
OL201-OC Applying Leadership Experience 1 Leadership
OL202-OC Applying Leadership Experience II Leadership
PO479A Seminar in Research Design
PP110 Values and Society Philosophy
PS370 Research in Social Psychology Psychology
PS381 Introduction to Clinical Psychology Psychology
PS383 Environment, Psychology and Action Psychology
PS398 Qualitative Methods in Psychology Psychology
PS480 Seminar in Personality and Abnormal Psychology Psychology
PS499 Thesis Psychology
RE407OC Research Seminar Religion and Culture
RE693 Religions and Cultures in Global Context Religion and Culture
Science Creating Poster Presentations for the Sciences
Science Primary and Secondary Literature in the Sciences
Science Systematic Reviews
Science Images and Videos in Science
SE330A Social Innovation in the City
SK-IFS Indigenous Field of Study (PT-MSW) Social Work
SK312-BR Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis Social Work
SK313-BR Practice with Groups Social Work
SK412-BR Creative Arts in Social Work Practice Social Work
SK430-BR Violence in Families
SK501-OSB Approaches to Community Organizing and Group Practices Social Work
SK504 Research 1 Social Work
SK536 Integrating Theory and Practice Social Work
Social Work Field Instructors Social Work
SP498 Literary Adaptations in Hispanic Cinema Spanish
SY How to "Anne Kelly" your search Sociology
SY 280 Quantitative Methods Sociology
SY 489 Advanced Qualitative Methods Sociology
SY103 Sociology II: Social Life Sociology
SY218 Constructions of Deviance Sociology
SY241OC Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives Sociology
TEST101 Test Course Guide
TH503 Survey of the Hebrew Scriptures Theological education
TH530A Introduction to God and Theological Reflection Theological education
TH608J/GC380Q Women, LGBTQ2S+, Justice and Theology Theological education
TH664I Research Methodologies Spiritual care and psychotherapy
TH761K Adult Education and Supervision Religion and Culture
UX100 Design Thinking I: Foundations User Experience Design
WS100 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies Women and Gender Studies
WS303 Feminist Theory Women and Gender Studies
WS490C Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture Women and Gender Studies
YC201-BR Research Methods: Youth and Children Youth and Children's Studies
YC300-BR Youth & Children's Studies Community Service Learning Youth and Children's Studies