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Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text Covers journal articles, books, reports, dissertations and unpublished papers. View full description.
Criminology: A Reference Handbook, Twenty-First Century see 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook
CRIS see C.R.I.S. : the combined retrospective index set to journals in history, 1838-1974
Criterion on demand see Criterion-on-Demand
Criterion-on-Demand Collection of feature films. View full description.
CRL see Center for Research Libraries: Digital Collections
CRO see Choice Reviews
CRSP Databases: CRSP US Stock and CRSP Historical Indexes Security prices and other historical data for more than 20,000 companies from the New York Stock Exchange, AMEX and NASDAQ. View full description.
Cultural Analysis and Social Theory @ ProQuest Selected ProQuest databases for Cultural Analysis and Social Theory (CAST). View full description.
Cultural Studies @ ProQuest Major starting point to search for Cultural Studies articles. View full description.
Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature see CINAHL with Full Text
CUP journals see Cambridge Journals Educational audio and video programs and documentaries from CBC and Radio-Canada. View full description.
Current Chemical Reactions see Web of Science Core Collection
Current Contents Connect see Web of Science
Current Index to Journals in Education (via EBSCOhost) see ERIC (via EBSCOhost)
Current Index to Journals in Education (via ProQuest) see ERIC (via ProQuest)
Current Index to Journals in Education (via US DoE) see ERIC (via US Department of Education)
D&B Key Business Ratios see Key Business Ratios
Daily Mail: Historical Archive 1896-2004 Complete archive of the British newspaper content, including the Atlantic Editions. View full description.
DART Citations for journal articles and conference proceedings on teratology and other aspects of developmental toxicology. View full description.
Data Citation Index see Web of Science: Data Citation Index
Datamonitor 360 see MarketLine: Advantage
Dataverse see Scholars Portal Dataverse
Dateline see ABI/INFORM Dateline
De Gruyter journals (via Scholars Portal Journals) see Scholars Portal Journals
Defining Gender Full-text manuscripts and printed works, plus illustrations. View full description.
Derwent Innovations Index see Web of Science
desLibris Collection of Canadian books and public documents. View full description.
desLibris: Canadian Publishers Collection see Canadian Publishers Collection
Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Database (DART) see DART
Dictionary of Art see Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online Historical, biographical dictionary with scholarly articles on thousands of individuals. View full description.
Dictionary of Economics see New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
Dictionary of Human Geography Provides short, academic surveys of key terms by scholars in the field. View full description.
Dictionary of Hymnology see Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology
Dictionary of Media and Communications Dictionary of terms and chronology of significant developments. Published 2009. View full description.
Dictionary of National Biography see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Dictionary of Political Economy see New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
Dictionary, Oxford English see OED : Oxford English Dictionary
Digital Archive, The Times 1785- see The Times Digital Archive
Digital Commons Network Collection of content from hundreds of institutional repositories using the Digital Commons platform. View full description.
Digital Library see ACM Digital Library
Digital Library of Life Sciences see Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences
Digital National Security Archive Full-text U.S. policy documents. View full description.
Directory of Open Access Books see doab: directory of open access books
Directory of Open Access Journals see DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals
Directory of Periodicals see MLA Directory of Periodicals (via EBSCOhost)
Directory to Foundations and Corporations, Canadian see Grant Connect
Discussion papers from CEPR see Centre for Economic Policy Research: Publications