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Web of Science

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Alternate Title(s): ISI (Institute for Scientific Information), WOS, Web of Knowledge, BIOSIS Citation Index, BIOSIS Previews, Current Contents Connect, Derwent Innovations Index, KCI-Korean Journal Database, Korean Journal Database, SciELO Citation Index, Zoological Record

Platform: Web of Science

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Search Web of Science's peer reviewed journals by topic, or do a "Cited Reference Search" to discover who has cited specific articles and books.

Laurier Library provides access to all databases in the Web of Science platform including:

  • Web of Science Core Collection (1900-present)
  • BIOSIS Citation Index (1926-present)
  • BIOSIS Previews (1926-present)
  • Current Contents Connect (1998-present)
  • Data Citation Index (1900-present)
  • Derwent Innovations Index (1963-present)
  • KCI-Korean Journal Database (1980-present)
  • MEDLINE (1950-present)
  • Russian Science Citation Index
  • SciELO Citation Index (1997-present)
  • Zoological Record (1864-present)

Search the indexes separately or together.

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Search all the databases on the Web of Science platform.




1900 to present

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