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Laurier Library Indigenous Mural Project

This mural project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Wilfrid Laurier University Library/Robert Langen Art Gallery, Laurier’s Office of Indigenous Initiatives, Laurier’s internal stakeholders and external community groups.

We would like to acknowledge that Wilfrid Laurier University and its campuses are located on the Haldimand tract, traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabe (Anish-nah-bay) and Haudenosaunee (Hoe-den-no-show-nee) peoples. This land is part of the Dish with One Spoon Treaty between the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples and symbolizes the agreement to share, protect our resources and not to engage in conflict.

Project Description

This mural project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Wilfrid Laurier University Library/Robert Langen Art Gallery, Laurier’s Office of Indigenous Initiatives, Laurier’s internal stakeholders and external community groups.

Its goal is to celebrate Indigenous art and culture, the different ways of knowing and storytelling in our region, to encourage and support cross cultural awareness and to amplify Laurier’s strong commitment to reconciliation and decolonization.

The public-facing mural will make a powerful statement of Laurier’s commitment to serve as a catalyst for internal and external community engagement, creative, cultural, and educational interactions in Waterloo Region and beyond.


The cultural and reputational impact and significance of this project will extend upon its completion and will trigger new avenues for learning, teaching, and discovery, empowering everyone with knowledge of Indigenous presence and history in the Waterloo Region.

The manifestation of Indigenous art on Laurier’s Waterloo campus signifies our collective commitment to promoting Indigenous cultural expression beyond the walls of Laurier. The University itself will serve as a vehicle for transmission and promotion of inter-cultural and inter-generational learning and creative achievement that will elicit recognition from peer institutions and media regionally, provincially, and internationally.


The primary objective of this project is to strengthen the relationship between Wilfrid Laurier University, local Indigenous communities (urban and on-reserve), as well as the public at large.

By initiating such a large-scale project, the University is demonstrating its leadership role as an institution that recognizes the importance of magnifying First Nations, Inuit, and Metis knowledge, the value of artists in our community and the importance of intercultural exchange.


Laurier’s goal with this art installation is to center Indigenous placemaking, as such the artist(s) must be Indigenous and be confirmed members from the Dish with One Spoon Treaty Territory. This is inclusive of members of either the Three Fires Confederacy or the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.  Laurier has committed to ensure that all opportunities established for Indigenous members ensure that they are awarded to Individuals that have their expressed Indigenous identities confirmed through Laurier’s Indigenous Identity verification process.

It is recommended that interested artists have:

  • the ability to create permanent, maintainable, and sustainable outdoor artwork
  • a demonstrated strong sense of scale demonstrated through past work
  • a proven track record to complete projects on time and within budget
  • the ability to work within a team environment, with a generosity of spirit and patience
  • Professional standing by peers or arts related experts - references will be taken into consideration.

Wilfrid Laurier University supports equity, inclusion and accessibility. If you have questions or concerns about accessibility around this project please contact

Call To Artists

Wilfrid Laurier University invites Indigenous artists or Indigenous artist teams to submit qualifications for the design and execution of a mural on the south-west wall of the Laurier Library building.

Artists with experience creating outdoor murals are encouraged to apply. Only artists that consent to Laurier’s Indigenous identity verification process to have their expressed Indigenous identity confirmed will be accepted. Email submissions to with the subject line: Laurier Mural Project Submission and attach all the required documents in a single email (see details below).

Artist Fee 

$20,000 CAD

Includes: artist design fees, administration and travel

Exclusive of all applicable taxes.

Materials and Production

up to $50,000

Includes: materials supplies, fabrication, insurance, delivery, and installation, engineering and structural/foundation elements, fastening and attachment provisions. Selected artist(s) will work with the mural committee to develop final project and budget.


The successful Artist/Artist team is paid based on deliverables as per their artist contract and is responsible for managing their project budget.

The total budget includes (but is not limited to):

  • Artist fees
  • Consultation
  • Artist time spent on public engagement
  • Travel if applicable
  • Material Supplies
  • Specialized Equipment or Crew
  • Insurance
  • Equipment Licenses/Certificates
  • Studio fees
Key Dates

Submission Deadline:

Monday, November 14, 2022, 6pm EST

Late submissions will not be considered

Shortlist and Jury review:

Late November 2022

Shortlisted Artist Presentations:

Early December 2022

Artist Selection:

Mid December 2022

Public Engagement & Concept Development Consultations:

January to April 2023

Mural Installation:

May 2023

Project completion:

June 7, 2023

Community Unveiling:

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Mural Location / Technical Considerations

The artist or artist team are required to work within the healthy and safety procedures and technical constraints as outlined by Wilfrid Laurier University and the Artist contract.

Providing proof of site specific health and safety plans, licenses for any specialized equipment (e.g. boom lifts, skyjacks etc.), general liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage of $2M are required by the University. Artist teams will be required to submit WSIB insurance.

Mural Location

The Laurier Library building is located on Albert Street, and faces south towards Seagram Drive and Bricker Avenue.

Aerial view of the Laurier Library building
Figure 1 - Aerial view of the Laurier Library Building​​​​​
library southwest wall
Figure 2 - Laurier Library South West Wall
dimensions of designated mural area
Figure 3 - Mural site dimensions: 22'w x 40'h x 9'd
work area
Figure 4 - Designated work area: 25' x 40'
How to Apply

Eligible submissions must include:

  • Letter of interest (250-500 words)

Refer to the criteria for suggested topics

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Artist statement
  • Images (maximum of 10)

Up to 10 images of current or past work (mural or non-mural), acceptable digital formats .jpg with a maximum size of 4MB per image. Do not use accents or special characters in your file names as they may cause application submission errors

  • Images list (title, medium, date), with a brief description of the commission/mural and information on the project partners if applicable

Please Note: artwork concepts are NOT required as part of this application. The successful artist will develop the concept after completing community engagement.

Questions and clarifications

Submit questions in writing to  with the subject line: Laurier Library Mural Project Question prior to 4:30pm EST on Monday, November 7, 2022.

How to Submit

Email submissions to with the subject line: Laurier Mural Project Submission and attach all the required documents in a single email.

Please Note:

  • Submissions are accepted in electronic form
  • maximum attachment size for an email is 50MB
  • incomplete or late submission will not be considered


Three references will be requested for short-listed artists. References should include company name, current contact name including current telephone number, address and e-mail address.

Wilfrid Laurier University reserves the right to contact references without prior notification.

Artist teams

If applying as a team:

  • Identify the project lead and team members
  • Project lead will be the primary contact with the University
  • Describe how the team will be structured including the role of each team member
  • Provide the percentage of time dedicated by each team member
  • indicate the location where staff will be based
Selection Process

Phase 1: Shortlisting

Artist submits applications by the posted deadline. Following the review of eligible submission packages, the Jury Committee will then shortlist artists based on the evaluation criteria. Eligible submissions will be reviewed by the Jury Committee, consisting of:

  • Darren Thomas, Assoc. Vice-President Indigenous Initiatives
  • Gohar Ashoughian, University Librarian
  • Bonnie Whitlow, Indigenous Special Projects Officer
  • Suzanne Luke, Curator Robert Langen Art Gallery
  • Madison Cox, Acting Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Lianne Leddy, Associate Professor, History
  • Shelley Niro, Community Artist

Following the review of artist submission packages, the Jury will then shortlist artists based on the evaluation criteria.

Phase 2: Finalist Presentations

The shortlisted artists will be provided with an honorarium of $500 in Canadian funds to present a mural concept proposal to the jury committee in the next stage of the competition. Once the presentations are completed the Jury Committee will select the successful artist. The awarded finalist will be provided with a budget to develop and implement the Mural.

Evaluation Criteria

Understanding of the Project

  • Why this opportunity appeals to the artist
  • How the artist’s background and practice will contribute to the execution of this project
  • Knowledge of or connection to the project’s place

Project Experience

  • Experience to deliver a project on time
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver a project on budget
  • Ability to collaborate with project teams, stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with the public

Artistic Practice

  • Demonstrated artistic excellence in contemporary art practice
  • Demonstrated flexibility of practice; responsiveness to contextual opportunities

Public Art Experience

  • Demonstrated, relevant experience in completing public art projects of a similar scope
  • Responsiveness to community engagement
  • Understanding of the project’s context within the community.

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