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Canadian Research Index

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Alternate Title(s): CRI, MicroLog

Platform: Proquest

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NOTE: This resource has no records later than December 2018.

This resource provides citations and abstracts to Canadian government and research publications on microfiche. It includes all depository publications of research value issued by both the federal government and the ten provinces and two of the three territories; hard to find non-depository publications issued by hundreds of Canadian government agencies and departments; scientific and technical report literature issued by research institutes and government laboratories; policy, social, economic, and political reports; Statistics Canada monographs and serials; theses and dissertations from Canadian universities (from 1990-1998). Over 8,000 titles per year are added, including: Government documents (monographs and annuals) from federal and provincial departments and agencies Scientific and technical report literature issued by research institutes and government laboratories Parliamentary Committee Reports Being on the ProQuest platform, much of the search functionality is the same as other ProQuest databases. You may search multiple fields (author, title, subject, organization, microlog number, report number, etc.) combined with Boolean operators (AND, OR, or NOT). You can also limit by publication date, document type or feature, and use lists of collections, series titles, subject headings or organizations. See below for help finding the microfiche, but some documents listed here will also be available in print. If you've found the material in our catalogue, the location and call number (may be a CODOC number, which is unlike other call numbers in the Library) will help you find in either format. Ask at the Library's Information Desk if you need help. Finding the microfiche Click on the title link. If the document is dated before 2000, search the title in our Omni catalogue. (It is most likely in there.) If the document is dated after 2000, scroll down and find the microlog number (or "MicroLog ID"). Use this to find the microfiche fiche in our microlog fiche cabinets on 3rd floor. If you can't find it, you can ask at the Library's Information Desk.

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Citations to monographs and annual publications from Canadian government and institutional resources.




1982 to 2018

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