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Greg Sennema


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I am on leave Jan 1 - July 1, 2023. I will be checking my email for the duration of my leave, however please feel free to contact the following for questions related to the following:

Archeology & Classics

Peter Genzinger


Helene LeBlanc

Martin Luther (Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy)

Meredith Fischer

Martin Luther (Global Citizenship)

Peter Genzinger


Greg Sennema

Religion and Culture

Peter Genzinger

Service Areas Help & research assistance, In-person instruction, Online library instruction, Subject librarians

Subjects Theological Education, Music, Music Therapy, Music: Community Music

Collection Policies Archaeology and Classics, History, Religion and Culture, Music, Martin Luther University College

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Managed Course Guides

Course Number Course Title Subject
TH664I Qualitative Research Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy
GC221 Canadian Questions Global Citizenship
HI293 History of Canada Since Confederation History
HI358 The afterlife in ancient and medieval thought History
MU606 Qualitative Research Methods Music Therapy
MU626 Research Methods in Community Music Music: Community Music
TH608J/GC380Q Women, LGBTQ2S+, Justice and Theology Theological Education
HI330 Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, 1619-1877 History
TH530A Introduction to God and Theological Reflection Theological Education
HI445 Reading Seminar on the Era of the US Civil War History
GC101 Christianity and Global Citizenship Global Citizenship
AF101B Lives of Peace and Conflict History
HI271 Survey of European Women’s/Gender History History
AF101C Religion and Celebrity Religion and Culture
RE407 Research Seminar Religion and Culture
MU270 Music History: Middles Ages to 1775 Music
HI321 Social History of Pre-Industrial Canada History
GC345 Faith and Fiction Global Citizenship
GC480A Politics and Faith in an Age of Anger Global Citizenship
GC234 Eco-consciousness and Spirituality Global Citizenship
GC205 Why am I here? Worldview, Meaning-making, and Authenticity Global Citizenship
TH761I Qualitative and Quantitative Research Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy
MU100 Music and its Contexts Music
HI448A Reading Seminar: The Ancient World History
HI199 Roots of Now: Modern New World History
Copps Copps Scholars Interdisciplinary
TH503F Asian Wisdom Traditions Theological Education
TH608M Buddhist Discourses on Care Theological Education
AF105 Skills for University Success Interdisciplinary
MU368 Music, Culture and Community Music Therapy
MU271 Music History II: Romantic and Twentieth-Century Music up to 1945 Music