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Psychology Thesis

Course Number: PS499

Subject: Psychology

Spaces to be productive

On and off-campus access

On-campus access

  • When you are on-campus and connected to the Internet, you will automatically be connected to the deep web

Off-campus access

  • Students can access deep web of academic resources from off-campus
  • Start your research at the library website
  • When you are about to access the deep web, the library will prompt you for your username and password
  • Trouble shooting off-campus access

Accessing quality academic resources

Scenario 1. Finding an article when you have its reference

alternative format

Scenario 2. Search engines for academic articles

Alternative format


  • PsycINFO is a search engine (also called a database) that provides citations, most with abstracts, to journal articles, dissertations, reports, English-language book chapters and books, and other scholarly documents in the field of psychology as well as citations relevant for medicine, education, social work, law, criminology and organizational behaviour.
Introduction to Boolean operators

Search features of PsycINFO
  • Phrase operators
    • Put a phrase in double qoutes
    • "climate change": will search article records for the whole phrase "climate change"
  • Wildcard operator
    • communi*: searches for words starting with "communi". Will return "community" or "communities"
  • Boolean operators
    • "climate change" OR "global warming": Will search for articles with either the phrase "climate change" or "global warming"
    • This is great when you aren't sure which phrase or word might be used.
  • Proximity
    • garden NEAR/3 community: searches for articles where garden and community are within 3 words of each other
  • Searching by Subject terms
    • New terms: American Psychological Association Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms 2019 Update (new window)

Science academic search engines

Spotlight on Indigenous search engines

Books & eBooks

How to cite in APA?

Need help?

Psychology librarian

  • Mark Weiler, MLIS, PhD
  • Feel free to email
  • Available by appointments by Zoom

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