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I-Portal: Indigenous Studies Portal

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Alternate Title(s): indigenous studies portal research tool, iPortal: indigenous studies portal research tool

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Access: Although this is a free resource, the link to this product requires authentication so that links to our content in other collections will show up. If you don't need this or are not part of the Laurier community, you can simply go to the resource unproxied.

This resource provides a convenient search tool for books, articles, theses, multimedia resources and other documents supporting education and research related to First Nations and Aboriginals of Canada, as well as some North American material as well. Indexing tens of thousands of documents, this resource was created in 2005 and is currently managed by the University of Saskatchewan Library.

Users can browse by subject categories such as Law & Justice, Land Claims, Health, Spirituality, and many more. There is a basic keyword search on the front page which can be limited to resource type or use the advanced search function which allows searching multiple specific fields such as document title, author, description, date range, etc.

Laurier Library added this resource to our website and set up links to search our full text holdings in August 2017. Although many of the documents are open access (free), these links allow Laurier staff, students, and faculty to also access resources we've paid for and added to our collection.

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Index to articles, books, and other documents related to indigenous peoples of Canada and North America.



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