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Education: Introduction

Resources: Start Here

Resource Description
Education @ EBSCOhost Selected EBSCOhost databases for Education. View full description
Education @ ProQuest Selected ProQuest databases for Education. View full description

Resources: Main

Resource Description
Education - Oxford Bibliographies A collection of core resources in education. Selected by experts. View full description
Education Source Scholarly research and information relating to all areas of education. View full description
ERIC (via ProQuest) Index with education related literature. Includes links to full text on the free version of ERIC. View full description
Google Scholar Searches for articles and web resources from academic publishers and universities. View full description
H&PE Elementary Resources Lesson plans and supplemental resources concerning Ontario 2015 curriculum (grades 1-8) expectations. View full description
H&PE Secondary Resources Six interconnected but standalone components with content to support health and physical education (H&PE) teaching, for grades 9-12. View full description
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Information about and reviews of English-language standardized tests. View full description
Ophea : Ontario Physical Activity Standards in Education Standards documents for managing risk in physical activities in Ontario school boards. View full description
Sports Medicine & Education Index Index for articles, books, etc. for sport, kinesiology and related disciplines. View full description

Resources: Also Useful

Resource Description
APA PsycInfo® A comprehensive database for the field of psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines. View full description
ERIC (via US Department of Education) Freely available index with full text for education related literature. View full description
Gale Literature Resource Center Full text biographical information, overviews, criticism and reviews on writers, past and present. View full description
odesi Repository of socio-economic survey, census, and polling data from Statistics Canada, Ipsos Reid, Gallup, etc. View full description
Periodicals Archive Online Full-text articles from journals in the humanities and social sciences. View full description
Sociological Abstracts Comprehensive, international coverage of journal articles, books, papers, etc. in sociology and related disciplines. View full description
Teacher Reference Center Index for popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals and books. View full description