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Education: Videos, DVDs & Film Databases


Movies & documentaries covering many topics in the fields of Education, Pedagogy and Child Psychology may be found in Laurier Library's streaming media databases (click on "Online Videos") or through Omni. HOWEVER:




  • Due to LICENSING RESTRICTIONS,¬†Laurier's STREAMING MEDIA (i.e. FILMS & MOVIES IN LAURIER DATABASES) CAN¬†NOT be shown (i.e. presented to others) in ANY¬†setting outside of a Laurier classroom!
    • If a Teacher Candidate¬†would like to show a film that was found in a Laurier Library streaming media database or through Omni, in a school setting:
      • The Teacher Candidate¬†can NOT show Laurier's, but¬†they¬†CAN ask the School Librarian or Media Specialist at the¬†placement school¬†&/or check with the placement school's School Board¬†to see if they have a way for Teacher Candidates¬†to access & show the¬†film and/or they may be able to offer other, similar films that Teacher Candidates¬†can¬†show¬†in a school¬†classroom.


N.B.  To find CHILDREN'S movies & films (DVDs & videos) for School Classroom use, please see "Movies & Films for Children".