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History of Canada Since Confederation

Course Number: HI293

Subject: History


Academic journal articles

Start with Omni, and limit search results to "Articles." If your search results are too overwhelming, try one of these subject-specific databases:

  • America: History & Life
    • An index of articles from over 2000 international journals, books & dissertations on the history of Canada & the United States. Many of the full text links lead to content in JSTOR.
  • Canadian Periodical Index
    • Indexes a wide range of Canadian academic journals and popular magazines.
    • The previous two databases are efficient ways to search for your topic; however you can also search the entire full text of many journals directly.


In addition to searching the article indexes above, sometimes you can find topic ideas by browsing through the issues of some journals:


  • National Film Board of Canada
    • Includes documentaries, dramas, and historical films.
    • Streaming audio and video content from CBC and Radio-Canada, with access to thousands of programs and documentaries with English and French-language content.

Primary Sources

Published books

As first-hand accounts from the time period involved, primary sources are often publisher or re-published as a book/ebook. Each database below that contains primary sources has different search functionalities and "quirks," and finding items on a topic can be challenging even for a seasoned research librarian. Please contact the history librarian if you need assistance in find primary sources.

  • Omni
    • To search primary sources that the library has collected, in addition to your search topic, add one of the following words in the subject field.
      • correspondence; diaries; early works to 1800; interviews; pamphlets; personal narratives; sources.
  • Internet Archive
    • Many books that have come out of copyright (pre-1923) have been digitized by libraries and archives and placed into the Internet Archive. Pay attention to what search field you are using (defaults just to the record, not the full text).

Government documents

Many federal and provincial government departments and libraries have digitized their documents.

Original documents

When a primary source is an actual original document such as a diary, etc., you need to consult the item itself. While this could often lead you to the physical archives that owns the document, many libraries and archives have digitized some of their collections and made them available, either for free, or through a database that the Library subscribes to.

Sample sites (possibly covered in the databases listed above)

Newspaper articles