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Canadiana: Héritage

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Alternate Title(s): Héritage

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From the resource: The Héritage project is a 10-year initiative to digitize and make accessible online some of Canada’s most popular archival collections encompassing roughly 60 million pages of primary-source documents. Chronicling the country and its people from the 1600s to the mid-1900s, this collection represents a vast and unique resource for Canadian historians, students, and genealogists. This collection of Canadian primary documents (such as copies of wills, mortgages, deeds of sale, letters, land records, reports, legal opinions, etc.) is organized into various collections based on type of content and date range, with more to come as the documents are digitized and prepared. Navigable in both English and French, the contents are searchable by basic keyword as well as title, creator name, subject or full text keywords, and can be sorted by language. Page images can be rotated and magnified.

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Canadian historical primary documents.

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1600s to the mid-1900s

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