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Music: Grove Music

Grove Music Online (part of Oxford Music Online)

The foremost scholarly encyclopedia of music and musicians, Grove Music Online includes extensive articles, with significant bibliographies, written by subject experts. See Grove's detailed search guide for more help.

What is included in Grove
  • Grove Dictionary of American Music
  • Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
  • New Grove Dictionary of Opera
  • New Grove Dictionary of Jazz
  • New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
  • Norton Grove Dictionary of Women Composers
  • Oxford Dictionary of Music
  • Oxford Companion to Music


Encyclopedias and Handbooks

In addition to Grove, the Library has a large number of encyclopedias and handbooks that you can find through Omni. Here are some select titles:

Very Short Introductions (VSI)

Prepared by Oxford University Press, VSI are concise introductions on a wide range of topics. For music, some titles include: