News Articles

Tools for finding free local, Canadian and international news articles and editorial cartoons from major current and historic news sources.

How to find news articles
Current news sources

The following databases contain news articles from thousands of sources, typically from the mid-1990's to the present day. Often just the full text is included, and not photos, graphs, and charts.

Omni Newspaper search
Search across many of the big name newspapers subscribed to by the library for top stories. Limited ability to filter results.
Canadian News @ ProQuest
Canadian focus, from big and small papers from across the country. Many options to filter results.
Canadian and international focus, and advanced filtering options.
Nexis Uni
International focus, including Canadian content, and advanced search options.
News archives: Library subscriptions

The following databases contain the scanned and searchable images of the entire newspapers.

British Library Newspapers
19th century national, regional, and local newspapers
Calgary Herald
Daily Mail: Historical Archive
Globe and Mail: Canada's Heritage
1844 to three years ago
Illustrated London News
Montreal Gazette
The New York Times
1851 to three years ago
Ottawa Citizen
Times Digital Archive (The Times, London)
1785 to 2010
Toronto Star
1894 to four years ago
Vancouver Sun
Windsor Star
News archives: free

Many libraries, archives, and other organizations have digitized newspaper content and made it available for free online. You can find titles listed by country on this Wikipedia page that is maintained by librarians from around the world (including the Laurier History Librarian).

Wikipedia: List of online newspaper archives
International list of links to online newspaper archives on Wikipedia.

The following collections allow you to search across a larger number of newspapers at one time (many of the individual titles are listed on the Wikipedia link above)

Chronicling America
Includes full content from more than 1,400 U.S. newspapers from 1836 to 1922.
Our Ontario Newspapers
Digitized newspapers from Ontario communities. See "About our newspaper collections" for a title list.
SFU Digitized Newspapers
Includes dozens of local (BC) and Canadian newspapers, including Chinese language, French, and immigrant newspapers. This includes the Berliner Journal (1880-1916), and Canadian Jewish News (1960-1993).
Google News Archive Search
Random listing and years of coverage of a wide number of North American newspapers
Local newspapers
Berliner Journal
The library has 1859-1916 on of the Berliner Journal on microfilm, 3rd Floor FC106.G4 B4. Simon Fraser University has digitized the Berliner Journal (1880-1916).
The Record (1990- current, articles only)
The library has the entire run (1878-current) of the Record (including under its previous titles) on microfilm at the Waterloo campus, Microforms 3rd Floor AP5 .D26.
The Daily News (1878-1897) | The News Record (1897-1904) | The Berlin News Record (1904-1916) | The News Record (1916-1920)
Waterloo Chronicle
The library has 1899 - 1988 of the Chronicle on microfilm at the Waterloo campus, Microforms - 3rd Floor AP5 .W3. The Waterloo Public Library has this and related titles:
Waterloo Chronicle (1886-2016) | The Chronicle Telegraph (1901-1922) | Waterloo County Chronicle (1893-1900)
Print and microform (major titles)

The Laurier Waterloo Library keeps current issues of major titles in print & microform, on the 3rd floor.

News summaries
World News Digest
1940 to present. Brief, full-text articles for general news, biographical and statistical information.
Keesing's Contemporary Archives
1931 to present. Provides summaries of world events derived from more than 1,000 daily news reports.
2005 to present. Please log out when finished. Concise briefs, in English, of items from Arab and Persian print, radio and television media.
Alternative news
The Black Panther
1968 to 1980
Editorial cartoons

Digitized editorial cartoon collections

SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection (Canada)
The Simon Fraser University Library Editorial Cartoons Collection contains over 8000 original drawings published in Canadian newspapers between 1952 and the present.
American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) Editorial Cartoon Digital Collection (USA)
With more than 1000 cartoons representing more than 50 cartoonists, the digital collection is still growing. Created primarily in the 1960s and 1970s, the cartoons reflect changes in American social and political attitudes and provide artistic commentary on such topics as the Civil Rights Movement, Watergate, the Vietnam War, government bureaucracy, taxes, and political corruption.
British Cartoon Archive (UK)
Established in 1973 as a research centre and picture library, based upon a unique archive of over 140,000 pieces of cartoon artwork.
Other Editorial Cartoon Resources (USA, Canada, International)
Collected list from the Univeristy of Southern Mississippi

Newspaper databases with fully scanned editorial cartoons

Toronto Star: Historical
Select your date range --> select "Editorial/Opinion/Letters/Editorial Cartoon" --> search "cartoon" + your keyword (e.g. war and cartoon).
New York Times - Historical
Select "More Search Options" --> "Document Type" --> "Editorial Cartoon".

Newspaper databases with citations only to editorial cartoons

Find these cartoons in the digitized or microfilm versions of the named papers

Canadian News
Select "More Search Options" --> "Document Type" --> "Editorial Cartoon".

Photographs from Newspapers

Toronto Telegram
Published from 1876 to 1971, this digitized collection from York University Archives, spans from the 1930s to 1970.