Accessible services

Laurier Library is committed to providing accessible services and facilities to all members of the Laurier community.

Please contact the library's Accessible Services Associate, Anne Leask with any questions about the services offered. Information about campus-wide accessible services for students is available from the Accessible Learning Centre.

Research tutorials

The library has a series of tutorials to get you started with the tasks and skills of library research. There is also a Guide to Omni for screen reader users.

Books through Mail-on-Demand

Books available in Omni can be mailed directly to your home, with no need to come into the library to pick up or return the items. Mail-on-Demand service is available to all students, staff, and faculty at Laurier.

Individual research assistance

Book a research appointment with the Library's Accessibility Services staff or with your subject librarian. This could involve help with searching the library's catalogue, help with navigating and using the library's reference resources, developing your research question and strategy, remediating inaccessible PDFs and retrieving page numbers for screen reader users, or managing your references. Contact Joanne Oud to get started!

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) is a service from Scholar's Portal which provides access to digitized accessible editions of books. A token issued by the Accessible Learning Centre is required to access ACE titles. Place an ACE request through the form or by emailing

Accessible services by location

Additional information, services, and contacts available at each Laurier campus.

Feedback and further information

Accessibility is an ongoing project – if you encounter an issue or would like to offer a suggestion, please use the accessibility feedback form or contact