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Individual Study Rooms (Accessible Learning Centre Students)

A  private study room. There's a desk with large surface and chair. Braille on door signs

A description of library service for reserving individual study rooms that are reserved for students with the accessible learning centre.

Students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre can reserve individual study rooms on floors 4-7 of the Waterloo campus library 

How to reserve a room 

  • Reserve a room using the online booking system
  • Students can reserve up to a week in advance
  • Students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre can book a room for up to six hours per day
  • When you arrive, ask for the room key at the User Services and Help Desk on the main floor. Return the key there when you're done with the room.

Description of rooms

Room regulations

  • Rooms on floors 4 to 7 are to be used for quiet study by a single person only
  • Not to be used as an office, for group study, for meeting with students, or for tutoring
  • Do not block the window for safety reasons
  • Do not leave library materials in the room. Any items left in the room will be removed and reshelved
  • The Library will not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen materials
  • Rooms may on occasion be booked for a longer period of time:
    • For ALC Students: Please visit your ALC consultant to request an extension to the standard six-hour booking privileges. If granted, the consultant will prepare an email that clearly outlines the period of time that extended use is required and the number of extra hours per booking. The email will be sent to the the Library for review. The review process is normally completed within a week

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