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Accessible and Alternate Formats of Library Materials

The Library offers a variety of services to help people with print disabilities use our collections.

The Library provides services to improve the accessibility of Library collections. Please note that the Library remediates materials used for assignments and research; the Accessible Learning Centre deals with course readings and required course materials.

SensusAccess: Online Self-Service OCR and Remediation

SensusAccess is a new AI-based web tool that will automatically do OCR, convert to Word, ePub, HTML or mp3, and tag pdfs. You upload a document and results are emailed to your Laurier email address, usually within minutes. It's available to anyone with a Laurier email address.

Access SensusAccess here.

SensusAccess is not perfect and will produce errors. If you need better accuracy for Library materials you are converting, please see our remediation services below, or contact

Electronic Books and Download Limits

Many of the library's books are available in electronic format. For help in locating ebooks see Finding ebooks.

If our electronic book platforms are not accessible for you, request a more accessible format of an ebook using the ACE digitization form or email us at

If you run into problems with download limits, we can download books for you. We can also compile sections into one file, or split large files into sections, for easier use with your screen reading software. Email us at

Print Digitization


The Library can scan print books that we own. For books we don't own we request scanning through ACE, a shared Ontario university library book digitization service. Books are scanned in Toronto and kept in a shared online ACE repository you can search. 

An ACE token is required for ACE and other digitization services. Tokens are available to people with print disabilities.

To request digitization, first search Omni and the ACE repository. If you don't find what you need there, place a request through the Alternate Format Request Form or email For instructions see

Book Chapters and Articles

The library will scan print journal articles and chapters of books in its collection. For more information and instructions see Scan on Demand.

Format of Digitized Books or Articles

Scans are done with basic OCR. If you require additional accessibility features or format conversion please see our services below, or contact

Format Conversion

The Library can convert PDF files to Word, HTML, or ePub formats or vice versa. We also add accessibility features as described below.

SensusAccess can convert to additional formats, including Braille and Mp3.

Adding Accessibility Features: File Remediation


The Library offers remediation services to add accessibility features to Library materials. There are two options:

  1. For self-service and quick turnaround, but less accuracy, use SensusAccess.
  2. For more accuracy, contact with your request.

Please note that required course readings are remediated by the Accessible Learning Centre.


We normally remediate within 2 business days. If you have a large volume of requests (e.g. more than 10), we will work with you to prioritize them and work out a schedule.

Book scans take 2-3 business days if Laurier owns the book and it is available on the shelf, or 1-2 weeks if scanned by ACE. 

What We Can Do: Articles and Book Chapters

For articles or book chapters, we can do OCR, convert to Word, HTML or ePub or improve PDF accessibility through tagging.

We clean up files, create headings, ensure properly formatted lists, and do basic level table tagging.

What We Can Do: Books

For books, we can do OCR, convert to Word, HTML, or ePub.

We create chapter headings for navigation, and add bookmarks in PDF files. We can also split files into chapter sections or compile sections into one larger file. If you need additional remediation for specific chapters please let us know.

Page Number Lookup

If you use a screen reader and need help with identifying page numbers so you can cite, contact us at and we can help.

Service Request Form

Use of our alternate format services requires an ACE token.

Once you have a token, use our services you can either:

  1. Fill out the Alternate Format Request Form or
  2. Email

We are happy to receive requests in whatever way works best for you.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Library Library requires an ACE token to verify your eligibility for alternate format materials under copyright law.

Requesting alternate format services using your ACE token will identify you to Library Accessibility Staff so they can process your request. Your identity will not be shared for any other purpose.

Your token number is used only for service delivery. Your token information is not kept in any of our Library systems, or associated in any way with your Library or university accounts.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy please contact