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Requirement: You will need to have a Laurier email address to send the resulting file.

About SensusAccess

SensusAccess is a self-service platform for automatically converting documents into a more accessible format for people with print disabilities. It allows you to convert inaccessible documents (e.g. image-based PDFs, JPEG photos, PowerPoint presentations) into more accessible formats. It can also be used to convert documents into a range of alternate formats including Word, HTML, ePub, mp3 and digital Braille.

SensusAccess is an automated tool. It is not 100% accurate and may produce errors.

SensusAccess does not collect or retain personal information and keeps copies of documents only as long as needed to convert them. However, for security reasons please do not upload documents that contain sensitive or confidential information.

Who can use SensusAccess?

  • Students, faculty and members of staff at Laurier with a print disability.
  • Faculty or a member of staff doing conversion for someone with a print disability.
  • Faculty, members of staff and students who own the copyright of a document or have copyright permission to convert a document.

Help, Questions, and Additional Remediation