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Scholars Portal Books
Search and read tens of thousands of books from scholarly presses, Canadian presses and governmental organizations. Click on "full text" to access the books Laurier has purchased or licensed.
University Press Scholarship Online
A growing collection of eBooks from multiple scholarly publishers, including Oxford University Press, Edinburgh University Press and Fordham University Press. Search by author, title, full text, abstract, keyword, subject, publication date.

Other collections

Cambridge Histories
The 250 volumes of Cambridge Histories cover 15 general subjects including British and American history, Music, Philosophy, History of the Book, Political and Social Theory, Religious Studies and Warfare.
Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences
Collection of eBooks covering topics such as cell and molecular biology and bio-medicine, including the neurosciences.
Conference Board of Canada e-Library
Research reports on public policy, economics and management.
NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) Working Papers Online
Accesses NBER working papers in PDF format. These papers have not yet been through a review process. Note: these items are not listed in the Primo catalogue.
eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
Previously known as NetLibrary, this is a web-based collection of more than 6000 full-text electronic books on a wide range of subjects. The books can be accessed by one user at a time, searched by author, title, subject or full text.
PsycBOOKS 1806 to present
Full-text books and book chapters from the American Psychological Association.
Springer Books via Springerlink 2005-
More than 12,000 titles in all subject areas from 2005 to 2010, with an additional 5,000 books from earlier years.

Open access free eBooks
Thousands of poems, novels, plays and other works in the public domain.
Digital Book Index
Thousands of full-text books in Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Most are freely available.
Directory of Open Access Books
Academic, peer reviewed books in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Electronic Text Center
Full-text works in the Humanities, created using SGML and XML standards by the University of Virginia.
Google Book Search
Full-text works in the public domain and page views for many other books.
Hathi Trust
Growing collection of digitized texts from a consortium of American research universities.
Internet Archive: eBooks and Texts
More than two million freely available books, including novels, historical texts and academic titles.
National Academies Press, The
Over 4,000 free PDF ebooks in science, engineering and medicine.
Oxford Text Archive
Humanities texts in more than 25 languages. Most are freely available.
Project Gutenberg
Thousands of free electronic books. Focuses on literary works in the public domain in the U.S.
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