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From the site's About the Oxford Text Archive page (as of 2020-05-14): The Oxford Text Archive (OTA) provides repository services for literary and linguistic datasets. In that role the OTA collects, catalogues, preserves and distributes high-quality digital resources for research and teaching. We currently hold thousands of texts in more than 25 languages, and are actively working to extend our catalogue of holdings. The OTA relies upon deposits from the wider community as the primary source of materials. The OTA is part of the CLARIN European Research Infrastructure; it is registered as a CLARIN centre, and OTA services are part of the University of Oxford's contribution to the CLARIN-UK Consortium.

There's a basic keyword search box at or near the top of most pages on the site. There's also an advanced search tool that allows additional searches in specific fields (like title, author, language, type, etc.) to limit basic searches. Search facets or limits are available in the results list for author, subject, publication date, language, or collection. You can also browse by date range, subject, or collections, and search within these groupings.

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Thousands of texts collected, organized, preserved and made available by University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries.

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2100 BCE - present

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