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Managing an Arts-Centered Career

Course Number: MU200

Subject: Music

Citing your sources

If you use it, acknowledge it!

Regardless of where you get your information from, you should acknowledge where you got it from. The Library has many resources that help you figure out how to cite. For common examples of citations, use the Purdue OWL Style Guide.

Industry Research

The Library subscribes to a number of tools that help you determine industry and market information on trends, market share, market size, competitive forces, etc. 

  • Associations Canada
    • This resource provides a listing of Canadian Associations. NOTES:
      • only 1 campus-user at a time, please logout when finished
      • uncheck all databases, with the exception of Associations Canada
  • IBISWorld
    • Provides Canadian, US, and Chinese industry reports containing trends, statistics & analysis on market size, market share of major companies, industry growth rates, major market segments and key external forces affecting supply and demand within the industry.

Use the Omni to identify magazine, trade, and journal articles at Laurier.

  • on the results page, limit to "Articles"
  • further limiters under "Resource Type", e.g., Magazine articles
  • remember to use "quotation marks" when searching for phrases
  • limit publication year if applicable

For a deeper dive, search in one of the following specialized databases

The library subscribes to many magazines that are otherwise subscription-based if you come across the title via Google. For example:


Use the Omni to identify popular and academic books at Laurier.

  • limit to "Books and eBooks" on the left side of search results
  • remember to use "quotation marks" when searching for phrases
  • limit publication year if applicable

The Music Librarian collects books related to the business aspects of the creative arts, such as Alison Gerber's The Work of Art: Value in Creative Careers (Redwood City: Stanford University Press, 2017). For many more titles, consult this list:

Ebooks: Creative arts and business


Alexander, Franceska. Gallery Ready: A Creative Blueprint for Visual Artists. New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2018.

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Branding and Marketing

Allan, David. This Note’s for You : Popular Music + Advertising = Marketing Excellence. New York: Business Expert Press, 2015.

Gause, Alina. Presenting Without Pandering - Self-Marketing for Creatives: A Psychological Guide. Berlin: Springer, 2022.

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Small business

Baxter, Lucy. Running a Creative Company in the Digital Age. Harpenden: Oldcastle Books, 2017.

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Websites about arts entrepreneurship