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Alternate Title(s): IBIS World

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No commercial use: Please remember that, as with all Laurier Library electronic resources, commercial use is strictly prohibited. This includes using resources to support work done on co-op placements. Please check our Use of Electronic Resources page for more guidance on this.

This resource provides access to Canadian, US and Chinese industry reports containing trends, market size, market share of major companies, industry statistics and financial ratios, competitive landscape and key external forces affecting supply and demand within the industry, and industry growth rates.

Locating reports is supported by searching with keywords or browsing by report collection. To search with keywords, enter industry keywords, NAICS code, or company names into the search box. To browse by report collection, select the links listed under ‘Browse report listings’.

Laurier Library has provided access to this resource since February 2017 which includes the following modules:

  • Industry Reports (NAICS) (US, Canada and China)
  • Industry iExpert Summaries (US and Canada)
  • Specialized Industry Reports (US)
  • Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries (US)
  • Business Environment Profiles (US and Canada)

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Industry market research reports.



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