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Government Information: Some key official websites by jurisdiction (place)

Millions of government sites can be found on the Internet with a simple (or advanced) Google search, or by finding the key authoring jurisdiction and exploring from there:



  • Government of Canada (main site)
    • About Government:  Quick access to information on the federal system of government, electoral process, etc.
  • Departments and Agencies: Direct links to the Departments, Agencies, Crown Corporations, Special Operating Agencies and various affiliated organizations of the Government of Canada.
    • For annual, detailed updates on federal Departments & Agencies, check out:
      • Departmental Results Reports​​​​​​: a summation of the activities of the past year (formerly known as "Departmental Performance Reports");​
      • Departmental Plans: an overview of plans for the coming year (formerly known as "Reports on Plans and Priorities");
      • Auditor General's Reports: detailed information published in the Spring and Fall of each year, on selected departmental programs, services and spending.​​​​​​
  • Federal Budget & Fiscal Updates:  Detailed plans, priorities and spending for the coming year.
  • Publications


Other Canadian Provinces & Territories

N.B.> Click on the FLAG to access the main site for each provincial or territorial government; click on each COAT OF ARMS to access their Legislative Assembly.

Regions, Counties & Municipalities

United States


States & Territories

Regions, Counties & Municipalities

  • Local governments: Official sites for county or municipal governments, by U.S. state and territory.
Other Countries
Intergovernmental (International Governmental) Organizations (IGOs)


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