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Government Information: "Invisible" or lesser known government information, e.g. "Open Government"; web crawl harvests; Access to Information & Privacy (ATIP) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests; etc.

"Open Government"


web crawl harvests

Currently contains these web crawl collections:

  1. COVID-19
    "This collection provides access to websites related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, captured between February 2020 and the present. These resources document the response to the crisis from public health agencies, governments, charities and other groups, and the impact of the pandemic on life in Canada."


  2. Government of Canada
    "Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has been collecting and preserving Government of Canada information published on the web since 2005. This collection provides access to LAC’s full archive of Government of Canada web resources, totalling over 35 terabytes of data, captured between 2005 and the present."


  3. Federal Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry
    "Federal-level Commissions investigate and report on “any matter connected with the good government of Canada or the conduct of any part of the public business thereof.” While not binding, a Commission’s findings are highly influential. The final reports of Commissions are therefore among the most important publications produced in Canada and have highlighted and documented matters of importance to society since pre-Confederation."


  4. Truth and Reconciliation
    "Library and Archives Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Web Archive provides access to digital preservation copies of the websites of organizations connected with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, either as active partners at national events or through initiatives to support commemoration. The collection was curated in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg Library, the University of Manitoba Libraries, and the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation."


Currently links to:


  1. Internet Archive Wayback Machine  
    "Probably the most extensive publicly-available archive of web content. Includes many Canadian government websites. Search for a website by keywords, or paste in the URL if you know it. You can't search the content of the archived sites themselves, but can browse through them using site navigation. Unlike many other resources, this web archive goes back to the 1990s for some sites."


  1. Government of Canada Web Archive  
    "Library and Archive Canada archives Government of Canada websites in addition to other web-based collections of national interest. Their collection is full-text searchable and browseable by site. While their coverage includes content from as far back as 2005, there isn't a lot from between 2008-2012, which was a time when the web presence of the Government of Canada was changing quite a bit."


  1. Canadian Government Information Digital Preservation Network (CGI-DPN)
    "The CGI-DPN collections web content from the Government of Canada and selected provincial and territorial governments, in addition to some thematic collections."


  1. University of Toronto Archive-It Collection
    "Archives a variety of content, including Canadian federal, Ontario provincial and Toronto municipal government websites. Collections of the websites of Canadian Labour Unions, Political Parties and Political Interest Groups, and Think Tanks may also be of interest."


  1. University of Alberta Archive-It Collection
    "Archives a variety of websites, including those of the Government of Alberta and selected municipalities. Also includes some grey literature collections."
Access to Information & Privacy (ATIP) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests


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