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Geography and Environmental Studies: Primary Sources

The Laurier Archives and Special Collections holds a number of archival collections focusing on Geography and the Environment, with a special emphasis on water resources, parks and protected areas, the Niagara Escarpment and biosphere reserves, as well as Canada's North.

For more information, or to use these collections, please contact the Archives.

APT Environment Fonds (1941-); 10 meters

  • Chemtura Canada Company, formerly Uniroyal Chemical and Crompton Company, is a chemical producer in Elmira, Ontario. The collection consists of material related to environmental issues in the Elmira area, largely compiled by APT Environment.

Beaver Valley Heritage Society Fonds (1975-); 1 meter

  • Non-profit citizen's organization created to preserve and protect the natural environment of the Beaver Valley in Ontario

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee Fonds (1971 -); 36 meters

  • Citizen’s committee founded to study and protect Canada’s North.

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association Fonds (1974-2012); 7.9 meters

  • Non-profit organization that facilitated the creation of new Canadian Biosphere Reserves

Canadian Environmental Law Association Fonds (1968-); 63 meters

  • Non-profit, public interest organization established in 1970 to use existing laws to protect the environment and to advocate environmental law reforms, and free legal advisory clinic for the public.

Canadian Water Resources Association Fonds (1949-); 4 meters

  • National organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources.

George Francis Fonds (1950-); 40 meters

  • Records documenting geographer George Francis’ work with the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program and environmental research focusing on the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Fishery Commission Fonds (1995-); 27 centimeters

  • The Commission coordinates fisheries research, controls the sea lamprey, and facilitates cooperative fishery management among the state, provincial, tribal, and federal management agencies.

Kenneth Hewitt Fonds (1918-)

  • Papers of geographer Kenneth Hewitt, containing records from his research on environmental disasters and the effects of war on the environment.

John Horton Fonds (1961-2000); 2 meters

  • Papers of urban planner John Horton containing information on the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Waterfront Regeneration Trust, coastal conservation and parks and protected areas.

John Jackson Fonds (1978-2000); 14 meters

  • Environmental activist in the Niagara Region and President of the Ontario Toxic Waste Research Council.

Jill Leslie Fonds (1987-1997); 18 centimeters

  • Environmental activist and pioneer in the rails-to-trails movement in Ontario, which sought to attain public ownership of abandoned railway lines.

Theresa McClenaghan Fonds(1991-1994); 1.4 meters

  • Environmental lawyer. Papers include material regarding the proposed expansion of the Guelph Eastview landfill site.

James Gordon Nelson Fonds (1911-); 47 meters

  • Records of geographer James Gordon Nelson with an emphasis on parks and protected areas.

Rawson Academy of Aquatic Science (1978-1995); 1.6 meters

  • Non-profit dedicated to researching Canada’s water resources and the effects of water pollution.

Henry Regier Fonds (1962-); 5 meters

  • Papers of zoologist Henry Regier focusing on fisheries, the Great Lakes and the UNESCO Programme on Man and the Biosphere.

Fred Roots Fonds (1974-2004); 3 meters

  • Papers of meteorologist Ernest Frederick Roots focusing on the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.

John Swaigen Fonds (1967-); 4 meters

  • Papers of lawyer John Swaigen documenting such issues as agricultural pollution, anti-idling bylaws, and storage of hazardous waste in Ontario.

John Theberge (1967-) 63 centimeters

  • Papers of environmental scientist John Theberge documenting his research into Canada’s wolf populations and the founding of Kluane National Park and Preserve.

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