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Banking Information Database

Resource Overview

Alternate Title(s): Banking Information Source, BIS, BID

Platform: Proquest

Cancellation Notice

No Longer Available: No longer available as a standalone resource. Only available as part of ProQuest One Business.

No longer available: See ProQuest One Business.

This resource contains hundreds of various documents including industry and professional newsletters, School of Bank Marketing Papers, and Stonier Theses, many of which are available in full text.

Search and browse functionality is the same as other ProQuest databases with additional relevant limiters such as company/organization lookup, NAICS codes, etc.

Laurier Library provided access to this through a collection of ProQuest business resources.

Resource Details


Index and full-text collection for banking and financial industry information.

Types (Business):

Banking, Journal articles




1971 to present

Usage Rights:

ProQuest One Business

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