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Management Control Fiasco Assignment

Course Number: BU527

Subject: Business

Welcome to Laurier Library's Management Control Fiasco research guide for BU527: Management Controls. This guide provides information sources to help you conduct research on your chosen organization and its management control fiasco. You may also want to visit the Business subject guide and the Government Information guide for additional resources that will help you complete your research. Additionally, you can find links to helpful video tutorials to the right under Key links.


Encyclopedias are a great place to start your research as they can provide basic background information on your organization, provide you with a timeline, help you to define key terms early on in your research, and further locate relevant research that may be contained in the bibliographies at the end of each entry.

Contains over 500 entries of high-profile white-collar and corporate crimes. The encyclopedia covers definitions, examples, historical perspectives, investigations, prosecutions, evaluations, and references for further study.

Includes more than 800 entries on topics that discuss the relationship between business, ethics, and society. Coverage on organizations that have experienced a management control fiasco are also included.

Provides detailed profiles and historical information for Canada’s largest and most influential companies, including Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and Northern Telecom Limited.

Provides overviews of important business topics of our time including such topics as corruption, corporate governance, bankruptcy, investor protection, and corporate regulations.

Provides information on complex topics related to governance, public administration, political economy, political science, and sociology.

Includes articles and other multimedia items charting Canada’s history, events, culture, and landscape.


Books (both print and electronic) are another great way to get started on your research. Books cover topics quite broadly, and therefore they are a great way to understand the context and background of your organization, to locate specific details, and to also find exhibits such as organizational charts.

Search the OMNI (the Library Catalogue) for both print and electronic books. Alternatively, you can search for e-books in these three e-book collections:

Recommended Books (not an exhaustive list):

Includes case histories for Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Parmalat, and others.

Includes case studies on 9 different management fiascos.

A guide to best practices, risk management, and strategic advice for non-profits.

Watch the video tutorials: Finding Books: Using the Primo Library Catalogue, Finding eBooks, Using Scholars Portal E-Books.

Article Databases

Article databases (also known as “periodical indexes”) bring together a number of different online journals and other resources such as company profiles, SWOT analyses, and other research reports into one search engine.

Keep in mind that periodical indexes are especially helpful when conducting historical research as they contain a lot of older resources. Use the following databases to find articles, reports, and other resources on your organization.

Includes trade and scholarly journals in the fields of management, accounting, finance, and economics.

Index for business and management publications.

A full-text resource with news, business information and journal articles drawn from almost 9000 worldwide sources.

Provides access to thousands of full-text online academic journals.

Index for scholarly, professional, and popular literature on Canadian business, finance and economics.

Provides access to the full text of Canadian news sources from many Canadian newspapers, including articles, columns, editorials, and features.

Watch the video tutorial: Better Searching Using AND, OR, NOT

Watch the video tutorial: Better Searching Using Keyword Shortcuts

Organizational Charts / Exhibits

  • Company Filings

Top-level management information is often available in Annual Reports and the Management Information Circular (MIC) / Proxy StatementBooks on your organization

Books often contain organizational charts and other exhibits. See the section on 'Books' in this guide.

  • Article Databases

In an article database try searching for the company name AND “organizational chart” OR “organizational structure”.

In Business Source Complete > type in the company name > then select Image Quick View > then click 'Search'.

Private Sector (Companies)

Annual Reports and other Company Filings

Canadian filings back to 1997 when available.

Watch the video tutorial: Finding Canadian Company Annual Reports

US Securities and Exchange Commission filings from 1996 to present (some from 1994).

A database of full-text historical annual reports.

Canadian, U.S., and International filings. Includes filings for defunct companies as well.

Company Profiles and SWOT Analyses

Global publicly-traded companies including business descriptions, history, subsidiaries, and annual reports. Also includes Investext investment research reports (contains detailed data and analysis on publicly traded companies in a wide variety of industries).

Global coverage of public and private companies, including SWOT analyses, top competitors, etc.

Global public and private companies including business descriptions, SWOT analyses, competitors and legal cases.

Locate older company profiles and SWOT analyses. Type company name into the search box > then select 'Company Report' under 'Document Type' > click 'Search'.

Other Company Resources

Includes links to litigation releases concerning civil lawsuits brought by the Commission in U.S. federal court.

Trial exhibits and releases: for such companies as Enron

Archived webcasts of congressional committee investigative hearings into Enron, Worldcom, Bernard L. Madoff, and others.

Public Sector (Governments)

Canadian Government

Includes articles and other multimedia items charting Canada’s history, events, culture, and landscape.

Official website of the Ontario government; contains research and publications.

Scroll down to locate Commissions of Inquiry: reports that provide the findings of investigations of national importance. Select 'Commissions of Inquiry' (bottom right) > select 'By Commissioner' to locate reports by the name of the commissioner who lead the investigation.

Provides independent audits and special examinations of federal government operations. Conduct a search in the top-right corner search bar.

A searchable catalogue of the over 275 000 Government of Canada publications and reports.

Includes a wide range of research publications that provide analysis on historical and current key issues, legislation, and major public policy topics.

US Government

The official handbook of the US federal government; provides annual information on departments and agencies of legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

An index of all U.S. Government Departments and Agencies.

The official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents.

A directory of U.S. governmental and non-governmental organizations in Washington, D.C.

Nonprofit Organizations

Research reports on public policy, economics, management, and organizational performance.

Locate Commissions of Inquiry: reports that provide the findings of investigations of national importance. Select 'Commissions of Inquiry' (bottom right) > select 'By Commissioner' to locate reports by the name of the commissioner who lead the investigation.

A search tool to find registered or revoked charities, and their annual information returns.

Data and reports on Canadian and US nonprofit organizations. Register for a free account.

A guide to best practices, risk management, and strategic advice for non-profits.

Find company legal cases; coverage limited to recent years.

Select ‘Get Company Info’> Type company name > click ‘Go’ & select correct match > See ‘Legal’ in the left menu.

Canadian court decisions and legal commentary. Click 'Accept' > then select 'Court Cases' or 'Commentary' from the top ribbon > then search with keywords.

Provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Coverage includes US company cases and legal news. Search for a company in the top-right search box > then refine your results by selecting 'Litigation' from the blue bar.

Provides U.S. cases, statutes, and legal news.

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