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Introduction to Industry and Market Research

Course Number: BU111

Subject: Business

This guide will show you how to find industry/market information on trends, market share, market size, competitive forces, etc. Please note that all databases below may also be used to search for company information.

Introduction and overview of industry/market research databases

First Step: Getting Started

Canada only:

Industry Canada

Includes industry profiles. Enter industry keyword in search box. To find statistics and research publications on small businesses in Canada, click on the "Just for Businesses" tab on the main page and select "Find statistics and research".

Associations Canada

This resource provides a listing of Canadian Associations. Associations may provide detailed information on their respective industry. N.B. Be sure to uncheck all databases, with the exception of Associations Canada.

Canada, U.S. and international:


Provides Canadian and US industry reports containing trends, statistics & analysis on market size, market share of major companies, industry growth rates, major market segments and key external forces affecting supply and demand within the industry. Enter in keyword.


Provides industry reports and analysis including Porter's Five Forces analysis. Enter in keyword. Select "Industries" from drop-down menu.

S&P NetAdvantage

Comprises of detailed surveys of U.S. industries and industry profiles.

Click on the "Markets" tab at the top of the screen and select an industry under the Industries subheading to find detailed information including constituents, key stats and ratios, etc.

To access industry surveys, click on the "Markets" tab at the top of the screen and click "Industry Surveys" under the Market Research subheading.

To access industry profiles, click on Search Profiles on the left panel, enter industry name into the search box and click on the arrow to the right of the search button. Tick the box next to Industries under Profiles.

LexisNexis Academic

Contains select industry reports. On main page, click "Search by Content Type", then under "Companies", click on "Dossier(Company, Executive, & Industry)". Click on the "Industry" tab. Run a search by industry keyword or SIC code. Can also browse SIC code industry hierarchy. On Industry Overview page, click "Reports".


Offers industry/market analysis and forecasting. Select an industry from drop-down "Industries" menu or enter keyword in search box.


Business Source Complete

Doing article research provide a wealth of information on industry trends and different factors that can impact a specific industry. Business Source Complete provides trade, scholarly, and popular articles on a variety of business topics. See the library's tutorial on finding articles for help.

Note: Look for additional databases, trade journals & newspapers in the Industry Research guide.

Second Step: Finding Market Share Information

For articles related to market share, search in ProQuest Business databases or Business Source Complete. Where possible use the company name AND the phrase "market share" or "brand share" when searching in article databases. Market share information may be available in special issues of trade journals.

Market Share Reporter

Provides some information on market share for Canadian products, companies and/or services but main focus is U.S. and International. Search by product, company name or industry classification codes.


Produced by Euromonitor, Passport provides data on market shares, brand shares and retail shares of companies and products globally or by country/region. Market share data is generally included in the "Market Data" section of industry reports.


Contains market share data of leading companies by industry. Market share data is found in industry reports, under "Market Segmentation".

Third Step: Comparing Companies in an Industry

  • Click on "Connect to Resource" to access Mergent Online.
  • Search by SIC or NAICS code to determine the code for your industry. Use the "Code Lookup" if unsure. In this example, we'll select Primary SIC code "23".
  • Then, click on (ALL) to pick all companies. Alternatively, click on only companies you are interested in comparing.
  • Click on "Company Analysis List" drop down menu found in the top left corner of the page and choose "Add All Companies". Then click on "My Mergent Tools" and select the "Company Analysis List".
  • You can choose all or some of the companies by clicking/highlighting them and then clicking on the > arrow. The companies you have selected will appear in the Multiple Company Report Box.
  • Then, choose "Company Financials" from "Select Data Items" by clicking on the + sign. Scroll down and highlight which report items you want. Again, click on the > arrow so that they appear in the Report Items box.
  • Once finished choosing the data item and companies, go to the bottom of the page and beside "Create Multiple Company Report", select a format from the drop down menu. Click on the “Create Multiple Company Report” button. A document will appear with numbers you can use for comparison with your company.

"User Guides" for some databases:

  • NetAdvantage, Passport, and Marketline. *Note: Not all features of the databases found in the User Guides are available for the library's database versions.

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