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A History of Conspiracies

Course Number: HI326

Subject: History

Hands-on Searching

  1. For your topic, consider search terminology.
Final Topic: search term ideas


  1. As you search the following databases, consider these questions:
    • What is the scope of the database?
      • e.g., index, full text (or both), topic, date, etc.
    • Are there help pages to describe advanced search options?
    • What is the quality of the metadata
    • What is the quality of the full text?
    • What happens when you change what fields you are searching?
    • Are there any other features of the database that stand out?
  2. Choose a seemingly unrelated database (e.g., political science) from another subject-database. Find anything interesting?
Databases helpful for topics

Book databases

  • Omni catalogue of Laurier print and ebooks; print books from 17 other libraries)
  • WorldCat catalogue of library collections from around the world
  • Internet Archive wide range of digitized collections

Article databases

See a full list of the library's databases.

Full text article databases

  • JSTOR full text journal content (primary and secondary sources)
  • Periodicals Archive Online full text journal and magazine content (primary and secondary sources)

Newspaper archives


  • any book or article that has one, wikipedia pages
  • Theses (often contain expansive bibliographies of primary and secondary sources)

Primary source databases

See a full list of the library's primary source databases.

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