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Geographies of Recreation

Course Number: GG393

Hello GG393 students!

Below you'll find short video tutorials designed to guide you to find, identify, and analyze a wide range of sources for your research paper.

These videos are curated as a series, Library Research for GES students, that takes you from the beginning of the process and ends with guidance on how to cite your information for your papers.

  1. What is scholarship?
  2. Finding and identifying academic articles
  3. The academic information ecosystem
  4. How to cite in APA style
  5. Getting citations
  6. Credibility of Sources
  7. Confusing library terms explained

Tutorial 1: What is scholarship?

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Tutorial 2: Finding and identifying academic articles

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Tutorial 3:The academic information ecosystem

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Tutorial 4: How to cite in APA style

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Tutorial 5: Getting citations

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Tutorial 6: Credibility of Sources

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Tutorial 7: Confusing Library Terms Explained

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