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Brand Management - Brand Audit Assignment

Course Number: BU470

Subject: Business

Brand Audit: Resources

Key industry databases:

Locate industry reports, market reports, and articles. Enter the industry or market in the search box or search by NAICS code (found under the "More search options" heading). Narrow your results by source type/ document type/ location and/or publication date.

Industry reports that include an industry outlook, an overview of the competitive landscape and key statistics. Search by keyword and limit to geography: Canada or U.S.

Company information contained in this database typically includes a list of brand names associated with the company. Select the "Major Products and Services" link to see a list of major brands associated with a chosen company.

Contains market research data, i.e. information on consumer lifestyles and market size.

Comprised of detailed surveys for over 50 U.S. industries. Coverage includes industry trends and a guide to analyzing companies in each industry. To access> Click on the "Industries" tab at the top of the screen and select your industry from the drop down menu or use the drop down menu under "Quick Links – Recently Updated Industry Surveys" from the main page.

Canada's Information Resource Centre (CIRC) provides a listing of Canadian Associations. Associations can provide detailed information on their respective industry. N.B. Be sure to uncheck all databases, with the exception of Associations Canada.

Article databases:

Using articles you can search Brand related themes for each section of your Brand Audit assignment

Contains trade and industry articles covering market trends, products, and companies

Includes articles from Canadian journals, magazines, and news resources

Provides business articles, case studies, industry reports, and market research data

Provides access to newspapers and other popular articles from an international perspective. Excellent Branding Resource

Provides access to key business journals

Key websites: Industry | Branding | Advertising

Click on "The Best 100 Brands"

Contains Canadian industry statistics

A UK based online portal that offers a number of online resources including reports and articles related to market research. Includes global coverage but with a strong emphasis on Europe. To locate market research articles and reports see the menu and select “Market Research Findings”, “Library of Research Articles”, or “Market Research News”.

Nielsen is a global information and measurement company that provides market research related reports. Coverage includes over 100 countries. When searching for relevant reports select “Insights” from up-top and then use the tool-bar on the left to narrow your results. Alternatively, you can enter in keywords into the search bar located at the top-right to locate relevant results. Most reports are available for free immediately, while others can be requested free of charge.

Listing of brands with a brand profile. (Not a lot of the information is free, but can be a good staring place. 

A global brand image site. Includes case studies, opinion pieces, and a weekly review

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