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Citing Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Chatbots

Using AI-generated content in your assignments

  • Always confirm with your instructor whether AI tools like ChatGPT are allowed for your assignment. Unless you are told it's ok, it's best to assume it isn't, or to ask first.
  • Always verify information and sources generated by AI tools. AI can generate false information and make up or cite non-existent sources.

Why cite?

  • In a university assignment we need to be clear about what words and ideas are our own and which come from other people. Claiming other peoples' words or ideas as our own is plagiarism. We can plagiarize by not giving credit to other peoples' words or ideas through proper citing. 
  • If you use output from AI tools you need to cite it so it's clear where you got it from. If you don't you are claiming AI output as your own, which is plagiarism.

How to cite

APA style

  • Describe how you used the tool in the text of your paper, provide the prompt or question you used, and quote any relevant text the AI tool generated. 
  • Cite both in-text and in the reference list.
  • In-text APA citation: (Creator of Tool, year); for example if citing ChatGPT: (OpenAI, 2024)
  • Reference list: 
    • Format: 
      • AI tool creator. (year). AI tool name in italics. (Month and day) [Large language model]. Url for AI tool with link
    • Example:
  • More information on citing AI in APA style

MLA style

Chicago style

Chicago Style with footnotes

  • Cite as Personal communication in a footnote, but not in the bibliography.
  • Outline: Number.Originator of the communication, medium, Day Month, Year.
  • Example: 1 Text generated by ChatGPT, response to question from author, 8 June, 2023.   
  • Shortened note rule: NumberCorrespondent's last name, medium
    • Example: 1 ChatGPT, response to question from author

Chicago Author-Date

  • Cite as Personal communication in-text, but not in the bibliography.
  • Outline: (Correspondent's Full Name, medium if relevant, Month Day, Year)
  • Example: (ChatGPT, response to question from author, June 8, 2023)

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