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Political Science: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias


  • A dictionary of the European Union (2002) JN30 .P5
  • The Concise Oxford dictionary of politics (1966) JA61 .C665
  • Dictionary of globalization (2006) JZ1318 .J66
  • Worldwide government directory, with international organizations JF37 .L345 (most recent WLU Quick Reference Shelves - 2nd Floor)
  • The dictionary of world politics : a reference guide to concepts, ideas, and institutions (1990) JA61 .E85


  • Encyclopedia of the American legislative system : studies of the principal structures, processes, and policies of Congress and the state legislatures since the colonial era JF501 .E53 (1994)
  • Encyclopedia of diasporas : immigrant and refugee cultures around the world (2004) JV6225 .E53
  • Encyclopedia of globalization (2007) JZ1318 .E63
  • Encyclopedia of human rights JC571 .E67 1996
  • Encyclopedia of nationalism (2001) JC311 .E499
  • Encyclopedia of politics : the left and the right (2005) JA61 .E56
  • International encyclopedia of women’s suffrage (2000) JF851 .H255

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