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Alternate Title(s): Law Library Microform Consortium Digital Open Access

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This collection of historic digitized materials (mostly 20th century and in the public domain), comes from LLMC, a centre set up to preserve access to key and substantive works in law and government, from the U.S. and around the world. Key U.S. content includes: laws and treaties U.S. Presidential Public Papers (1929, Hoover - 2004, Bush) historic court and judicial decisions Key Canadian content includes: historic federal & provincial legislative & law materials (pre- and post- Confederation) Key international content includes: U.K. legislative and law materials collections of laws from many other countries historic works on international law Statesman's Yearbook (1864-1951)

Laurier Library provided access to the full text content of this resource through our membership in CRL until 2022 but it is still useful as an index and for access to free content.

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An international collection of key historic legal texts and executive, legislative and judicial government documents.

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