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Encyclopedia of law and higher education

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Alternate Title(s): Law and higher education encyclopedia, Higher education and law encyclopedia, Education and law encyclopedia

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Edited by Charles J. Russo and published by SAGE Publications, Inc. in 2010, this work provides encyclopedic articles on higher education and the law. From the book's own summary, it: a compendium of information that tells the story of law and higher education from a variety of perspectives. As many of the entries in this encyclopedia reflect, the editor and contributors have sought to place legal issues in perspective so that students of higher education and the law can inform policy makers and practitioners about the meaning and status of the law and also raise questions for future research as they seek to improve the quality of learning for all. Key Features Includes boxed excerpts from 30 key cases in tandem with their Cases in Higher Education Law; Concepts, Theories, and Legal Principles; Constitutional Rights and Issues; Faculty Rights; Governance and Finance; Organizations and Institutions; Primary Sources: Excerpts From Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases; Religion and Freedom of Speech; Statutes; Student Rights and Welfare; and Technology.

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Full-text reference articles covering topics on law and higher education.

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Education, Legal Information



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