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Black Women in America

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The second edition of Black Women in America, edited by Darlene Clark Hine, provides expanded coverage of the achievements and contributions of African American women. Winner of the Dartmouth Medal for Outstanding Reference Publication of 1994, the first edition of "Black Women in America" broke new ground—pulling together for the first time all of the research in this vast but underrepresented field to provide one of the strongest building blocks of Black Women’s Studies. Hailed by Eric Foner of Columbia University as "one of those publishing events which changes the way we look at a field," it simultaneously filled a void in the literature and sparked new research and concepts regarding African American women in history. Since the first edition was published, a new generation of American black women has flourished, demanding this landmark reference be brought up to date. Women such as Venus and Serena Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Carol Moseley Braun, Ruth Simmons, and Ann Fudge have become household names for their remarkable contributions to sports, politics, academia, and business. In nearly 600 entries, Black Women in America celebrates the remarkable achievements of black women throughout history, highlights their ongoing contributions in America today, and represents the new research the first edition helped to generate.

Based on the 2005 three-volume print edition this online reference work can be browse alphabetically by name of entry but there is also a basic keyword search. It also includes a selected bibliography and a directory of contributors.

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Reference work covering the achievements and contributions of African American women.

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History, Women and Gender Studies



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