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ACE (Accessible Content E-Portal)

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Alternate Title(s): Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE), Scholars Portal Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

Platform: Scholars Portal

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Requirement: Requires an ACE token (see ACE Tokens Explained).

Scholars Portal's Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) is a book digitization service and an accessible text repository. The repository provides access to books from Ontario university libraries that have been digitized through the service, as well as all electronic books in Scholars Portal Books. Laurier Library patrons with print disabilities can search and download from the repository.

The digitization service allows Laurier users to request digitized copies of print books. Requests for books to be digitized and added to the collection can be made by filling out an online alternate format request form.

An ACE token is required to access the repository or request digitization (see ACE Tokens Explained for details).

Laurier Library provides access to this product through our participation and membership in OCUL and Scholars Portal.

More information: Laurier Library's Accessibility Hub, Accessible and Alternate Formats of Library Materials page, ACE repository page, Getting Library Books in Accessible Formats.

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Electronic books in accessible formats for those with a print disability.



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