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Database Description
BMC: Journals Collection of more than 200 peer-reviewed open access biomedical journals. View full description.
Book Citation Index see Web of Science Core Collection
borealis: The Canadian Dataverse Repository Repository for research data collected by individuals and organizations associated with Ontario universities. View full description.
Brepolis see Bibliography of British and Irish History
Brill Platform for all books, journals and other publications published by Brill. View full description.
British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries Full-text primary source material. View full description.
British Library Newspapers All issues from 47 national, regional and local newspapers, from the British Library holdings. View full description.
British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900 see British Library Newspapers
British Parliamentary Papers see U.K. Parliamentary Papers
British Periodicals, 19th Century see Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals
Bryn Mawr Classical Review Book reviews of current scholarly works in classical studies, including archaeology. View full description.
BSC see Business Source Complete
Business Collection see ProQuest One Business
Business College Set, Cabells see Cabells : Journalytics
Business News, Regional see Regional Business News
Business Premium Collection see ProQuest One Business
Business Source Complete Includes scholarly journals, books, case studies, marketing research and other business and economics material. View full description.
Busy Man’s Daily Journal, The see Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004
C.R.I.S. : the combined retrospective index set to journals in history, 1838-1974 Print index for English-language periodicals for history. View full description.
C19: The Nineteenth Century Index Index to books, magazines, documents, newspapers. View full description.
Cabells : Journalytics Contact and submission information for scholarly publishing in various business subjects. View full description.
Cabells Directories see Cabells : Journalytics
Cabells Scholarly Analytics see Cabells : Journalytics
Calgary Herald see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Calgary Herald
Cambridge Core Platform for all books, journal and other publications published by Cambridge University Press. View full description.
Cambridge Core: Histories see Cambridge Histories
Cambridge Core: Journals see Cambridge Journals
Cambridge Histories Historical summaries providing larger perspectives on a variety of subjects. View full description.
Cambridge Histories Online see Cambridge Histories
Cambridge Journals All journals published by Cambridge University Press, covering humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine. View full description.
Cambridge University Press journals see Cambridge Journals
Cambridge University Press resources see Cambridge Core
Campbell Library Systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis to promote positive social and economic change. View full description.
Can-Core: Academic Video Collection of Canadian videos from 1988 to the present. View full description.
Canada Commons Collection of Canadian books and public documents. View full description.
Canada Income Tax Guide see IntelliConnect
Canada Info Desk see Canada's Information Resource Centre
Canada's Heritage: Globe and Mail see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail
Canada's Information Resource Centre Several Canadian reference resources in one search interface. View full description.
Canadian Almanac & Directory see Canada's Information Resource Centre
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programs see
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database Provides access to Canadian journals, magazines and news resources on all topics. View full description.
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database: Business Index for scholarly, professional and popular literature on Canadian business, finance and economics. View full description.
Canadian Business Financial Performance Indicators see Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business
Canadian Business Resource see CBR
Canadian Census Analyzer Census Profiles tables by census geography or by census year, plus Microdata Files and Postal Code Conversion Files. View full description.
Canadian Children's Literature Database see Pika: Canadian Children's Literature Database
Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations see Grant Connect
Canadian Encyclopedia Online Contains the full text of the encyclopedia, with regular updates. View full description.
Canadian Environmental Resource Guide see Canada's Information Resource Centre