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A collection of company, industry and country information, including over 200 countries and major industry sectors.
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Marketline provides industry, company and country information. The reports use standardized data for easy market comparison, market size, segmentation, share and distribution data for 150 consumer products in 55 countries. The unique industry analysis framework is based on Porter’s Five Forces and also includes expert future forecast analysis. Marketline also provides in-depth reports on over 50,000 public and private companies. As for country information, the reports contain over five million data points across 215 countries using standard analysis framework - PESTLE. Country reports contain maco-economic, socio-economic and demographic data points using standardized data to allow for easy country comparison. Finally, there are also News, Comment and Analysis feeds allowing users to stay current on business issues.

Note: Marketline was previously on the Datamonitor 360 platform.

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