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Growing collection of digitized texts from a consortium of American research universities.
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This is a repository meant for both digital preservation and functional access. Content from sources such as Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft and member institution projects. All content is discoverable through the "catalog" search; only some content is in the public domain and therefore open access; some institutions and locations have access to full text as copyright and agreements allow.

Basic search allows standard keyword searching, finding these keywords in "Catalog" (just the descriptive information only, such as author or title) or "Full-text" (descriptive information plus all other text available in the system). In can also be limited to "Full view" or content that's available. Advanced "Full-text" and advanced "Catalog" searches allow searching specific fields and combining them with Boolean operators, plus a few other limits such as language or date of publication. Some content is grouped together in "Collections" which can themselves be searched for, browsed within, and searched within.

Laurier Library is not a member of HathiTrust and therefore patrons only have direct access to the content in the public domain.