CFMRC/TSX Database Annual Update

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Toronto Stock Exchange historical data hosted on the U of T CHASS platform.
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    1950 to present
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    This resource contains Toronto Stock Exchange historical data, including monthly stock data since 1950 and daily data since 1975, daily and monthly index data, and interest and foreign exchange rates. Additional information relating to earnings, betas, and volume is also included. Developed at the Canadian Financial Markets Research Center (CFMRC) at the University of Western Ontario.

    Laurier Library provides access to the annual update files via the CHASS platform maintained by the University of Toronto. We do not provide the quarterly updates.

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    Alternate titles:
    • Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre (CFMRC) summary information database
    • CFMRC summary information database
    • CFMRC TSX database
    • TSX CFMRC database