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Requirement: Requires a token from Laurier's Accessible Learning Centre.

Thousands of electronic books in accessible formats for those with a print disability registered with the ALC.
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Scholars Portal's Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) provides access to multiple accessible formats of digitized books (except for textbooks) that are available in each Library's print collection as well as all electronic books in Scholars Portal Books.

Laurier Library patrons can access this resource by acquiring a "token" from Laurier's Accessible Learning Centre. Requests for books to be digitized and added to the collection can be made by filling out an online form. Note that Laurier Library must own a print copy of the title before a digitization request can be filled.

This collection is hosted on a copy of the Scholars Portal Books platform so content can be searched and browsed in exactly the same way. The search function allows general keyword searching as well as subject, title, author, publisher, ISBN, publication year, language, and LC call number searching.

Laurier Library provides access to this product through our participation and membership in OCUL and Scholars Portal. We officially started providing access in November 2014 with the cooperation of Laurier's Accessible Learning Centre. In July 2018, all Scholars Portal Books. titles were available through this resource.

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  • Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)
  • Scholars Portal Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)