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Description of 2rd Floor (entrance level), Waterloo Campus Library

floor plan of 2nd floor. Description will be provided on this page

The entrance level of the library has a mix of spaces that support a variety of social activities, including a small, café, computers, a makerspace, gallery, and comfy chairs to relax. A key landmark is the User Services Desk.


Last checked: June 2nd, 2023

Entering the library

Between the exterior doors and interior library doors. A rectangular bollard mounted with a round button to open the interior library doors. On another side of the bollard is smaller rectangular to tap your OneCard in situations where the library is open but the building locked, for example during homecoming weekend.

After entering the first set of double doors, there is a square pillar about 3 feet tall on the right with a push button near the top to open the second set of interior doors.


 Five vertical security panels about 3 feet apart between the exit doors and the library lobby. See description that follows.

Between the inner doors and lobby are five vertical electromagnetic security panels about 3 feet apart. You pass through them to enter and exit the library. An alarm goes off if someone leaves the library without checking out a library item at the User Services Desk.

Lobby of the library at 10 o’clock is the large user services desk. Through 12 o’clock is large room with a variety of seating and desks. On the wall is art. Some says ‘Water is life’. A signs says ‘Security cameras in operation’

Once through the security gates, there is a large User Services Desk to the left, at 10 o’clock.


Ambient sounds

  • Refrigerator and coffee maker at second cup
  • People entering and leaving the library,
  • Makerspace may have music playing lightly at some times.
  • Elevator doors opening.
  • General conversation of library users

Scheduled announcements

  • Announcements about the library closing will happen 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before the library closes


  • audible fire alarm
  • visual ceiling strobe alarms are on each level (but may not be visible in every seating area)
  • emergency exit stairwell on south side of building 

User Services Desk

The user services desk, staffed with a library employee. The desk is large and curvy. On the wall is art “Sacred Earth” with hand holding arrow over a heart.

The User Services Desk is the place to go for help about anything related to the library.  People go to the desk to ask for help with using the library, to get a key for an individual study room, or to get referred to a specialist librarian for assistance with an assignment. Staff will also check out library materials for you.


Self-checkout machine

A self-checkout machine

A self-checkout station is near the User Services Desk where you can check out books or other items on your own or with a friend.

Resting Areas

A comfortable seating area. Two comfy chairs next to each facing two other comfy chairs. Square coffee tables in between them.

There are lots of chairs to rest in on the main floor.

Pickup Shelf


The pickup shelf next to the entrance to the gallery. There are six shelves with books and other items for pick up.

Library users can use Omni, the library’s primary online search tool, to request that books be pulled from a shelf on the upper floor and be put on this bookshelf  on the main floor. This saves time from having to go to the bookshelves on the upper floors.

Robert Langen Art Gallery

The entrance to the gallery. The doors are open towards the lobby. The surface of the gallery floor is solid, while the library lobby is carpeted.

On the main floor, on the south-east side of the building, is the Robert Langan Art Gallery. It is a large open space. Depending on the exhibitions, the layout of the gallery can vary.

The gallery hosts annual exhibition programs, activities and events which fosters creative thinking, critical debate and the exploration of ideas.

Beyond visual exhibitions, some of the things that go on in the gallery include:

  • Musical performances,
  • Author  readings
  • Receptions for events
  • Student movie nights

The gallery does not have an automatic door opener to enter or exit the gallery.

Library Makerspace

Then exterior of the library maker space.  The makerspace is a large room enclosed with glass walls and often has music playing in the background


Interior of the maker space. There are tools for 3D printing, sewing, electronics, video editing, knitting and much more.

The Library Makerspace is to the right of the gallery. A sign says “Come in. Make stuff”.  The makerspace is a large room enclosed with glass walls and often has music playing in the background. Inside are tools for 3D printing, sewing, electronics, video editing, knitting and much more. Makers are encouraged to learn and share their knowledge with each other.

Instruction Room

The main floor instruction room is enclosed in glass. The door way is near the west wall. There are comfortable outside of the doorway.

Next to the makerspace is an instruction room. It is also enclosed in glass walls. Library or archive lessons can happen here. If it’s not being used for a class, students often study in it.

Study Tables

A series of study tables. In the middle of the room are several tables that can seat four people. Along the west side of the building is a row of desks looking out the window to Albert Street.

On the west side of the floor are study tables that can seat four. There is also a long study counter that looks through a window onto Albert Street.

Information Commons

Two rows of desks with workstations in an area called the Information Commons.

The Information Commons is an area on the main floor where there are three rows of computers to work on.

  • Three computers (1 sitting, 2 standing) for members of the general public

Accessible workstation

An accessible workstation next to the long desk facing out onto Albert Street. The workstation is on a height adjustable desk

Right next to the Information Commons is a workstation with accessibility features:

  • height adjustable desk
  • large monitor

Community Engagement Space

This small community outreach space is dedicated to highlighting the creative works or projects by Laurier student groups, staff, or faculty. 

Library Administration Offices

An open doorway to the library administration office.

  • Office of the University Librarian and administrative staff
  • Offices of the two Associate University Librarians

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop when it is open. There is a sandwich board with hours. The floor of the coffee shop is titled while the lobby is carpeted. There is a counter to order and usually two employees. There are chairs and a few tables
  • Get a coffee, tea, or snack
  • Includes movable chairs with tables, 
  • Cushion chairs



The entrance to an individual use washroom. It has a lever handle and a large square button for automatically opening the door. It glows green if open or red if the door is locked. It is close to a water bottle filling station and photocopiers and printing stations

The interior of the individual use washroom. It has a sink at 11 o’clock,  12 o’clock is a menstrual hygiene disposal unit mounted to the wall. It has a domed top and if you hover hand over top, the dome will lift revealing a space to dispose of hygiene products. Toilet is at 1 o’clock.

  • One single-user, accessible washroom with 26 inch turning radius and transfer bars
  • Automatic door opener (inside/outside)
  • Free menstrual products


  • Water bottle filling station
  • Self-checkout machines for checking out books or other library items
  • Photocopier, printer, stapler, and 3-hole punch
  • Bulletin boards for advertising community events
  • Vending machines, near the elevators

Moving between floors

The library has seven floors. One floor is beneath the main entrance level. 

Stairwell up and down, with handrails.

A central stairwell in the middle of the building is available.

Through a set of doors are vending machines, on the left, and then two elevators.

An elevator on the north side of the building is available.

On the south side of the building is a stairwell for emergency exits.

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