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Description of 3rd Floor, Waterloo Campus Library

Description of floor is on this page

The third floor serves multiple purposes. It has offices of subject-librarians, the digital projects and curation librarian, and the library accessibility associate. Each is available to help with an assignment or project. The floor has a large instruction room and different types of study spaces. It also has the Graduate Commons for graduate students. The offices for Course Reserves and Copyright and Interlibrary Loans are here too.


Last checked: June 2nd, 2023

Study and Learning Spaces

Sets of comfy chairs near some windows. The chairs are in sets of four. Some have large coffee table. Study carrells side by side. These are study desks next to each other with partitions between them for privacy.

Long table with eight chairs on either side

The third floor contains spaces to rest in comfy chairs, study at private desks, or work with peers at large tables. 

Individual Study Rooms

Three bookable individual study rooms are on this floor. They are open to all students. Rooms reserved for students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre are on floors 4 through 7.

A private study room with a chair and desk.  The desk has draws. There is a tall, narrow window next to door


The Graduate Commons

The Graduate Commons is an enclosed study area just for masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students.

An area of the graduate commons. Individual desks around the room. In the middle is a long table with three chairs on either side.

It has a study desks and a study table that seats six.

Another area of the graduate lounge. There are tall lounge chairs with round tables on one side of the room.

The graduate space includes a lounge with pub style chairs (i.e., tall) and tables.

The second area of the graduate lounge. There are cushiony chairs, lower to the ground

Also in the lounge are chaise lounge chairs, lower to the ground.

A group study room in the graduate commons. The are about seven chairs around a table. A computer monitor is on the wall

Next to the lounge are two group study rooms with table, chairs, and a large wall-mounted monitor.     

Offices, Subject Librarians and Digital Humanities Librarian

A series of office doors for librarians. The rooms also have windows into them. One door and window has signs on the outside for students, saying ‘Ask me’ and ‘Ask me about Library Research’

All subject areas have a librarian dedicated to helping with course assignments or research projects.  A digital projects and curation librarian is also available to meet to help. It’s common for students to make an appointment and meet with librarians in person or by Zoom. 


Library Accessibility Associate

A door with label L3-306. It has braille for the room number. The name is Anne Leask, Accessibility and User Services Associate. There is a narrow window in the door.

Room L3-306 is the office of the Library Accessibility Associate. Braille room numbering is on the wall to the right of the door . Students with the Accessibility Learning Centre can make an appointment to discuss library services and supports.

Library Instruction Room

The third floor has an instruction room where classes might meet to learn about using the library.

The instruction room has about 7 tables and chairs. Both chairs and tables are on rollers.

Desks and chairs are on wheels and so the layout may vary.

The desk for the instructor at the front of room. The desk can be raised or lowered.

The instruction desk is on a height adjustable desk.

Microfilm, Magnification, and Computer Workstations

A magnifying display unit. The desk can be elevated or raised. There is a powerbar on the ground.

  • CCTV magnification station on height adjustable desk
  • Microfilm and microfiche viewers

Library Departments

The third floor also has offices for:

  • Copyright and Course Reserves Office
  • Interlibrary Loan Office


  • Resting areas
  • Photocopier
  • Water fountain
  • Bulletin board
  • Two standard washroom facilities
  • Single-user washroom:
    • press button automatic door (inside and out)
    • with 29 inch turning radius

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