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Description of 1st Floor (Basement), Waterloo Campus Library

Description follows for blind and partially sighted

The basement floor has the Archives & Special Collections, including the Julia Hendry Reading Room. There are also areas for librarians and library technical services.


    Last checked: June 2nd, 2023

    Archives and Special Collections

    Description follows for blind and partially sighted

    University libraries often have archives and special collections departments. They collect rare and historically significant materials. Researchers from around the world will travel to university archives to do primary-source research.

    History classes may come to the archive for a class. However, anyone is welcome to come on their own. Ask to feel the cover of a 15th century hymnal or vellum that was used in ancient books.

    To protect rare material, the reading room has a few more security precautions than other parts of the library:

    • Lockers outside to hold bags
    • No pens allowed in the reading room
    • No food or drink allowed
    • Large window between archival staff area and the reading room

    Department Head Offices

    • Head of Acquisitions and Collections
    • Head of Digital Initiatives

    Library Technical Services Areas

    • Various areas for library technical staff
    • Student employee room


    Other Spaces

    • Shipping and receiving


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